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NOTES: Andertons of Lostock and Horwich, 21 The Literary Frauds of Henry Walker the Ironmonger, 22 413 and 414, Strand Statues and Memorials in the British Isles, 24 " Gazing-room " " Till," 26 Extra- ordinary Births' Echoes from the Classics ' : Barten Holyday Descendants of Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland Shakespeariana : ' Measure for Measure,' 27.

QUERIES : " Episcopalian " or " Church of England " Retrospective Heraldry Author Wanted ' Fables des Roys de Hongrie 'Mercers' Chapel, London Cuthbert Bede, 28 Names on Coffins Old Etonians Edward Armitage " Parasol "Horse on Column in Piccadilly The German Raid : Effect of Sound of Firing on Birds Biographical Information Wanted Sir Dudley Wyatt, 29' Handley Cross 'Barlow Words of Poem Wanted Shakespeariana : ' All's Well that Ends Well,' 30.

REPLIES : The ' Slang Dictionary ' published by J. C. Hotten : its Author, 30 Thomas Skottowe : Craven County Authors Wanted Southey's Works, 31 Sir John Lade : " Black D "Barring-out" Widdicote " Sky Frescoes at Avignon Dreams and Literature Roupell and Thackeray" Ephesians " : a Shakespearian Term, 32" Spruce "=" Natty " Elkanah Settle Clocks and Clockmakers, 33 Farthing Victorian Stamps Schaw of Sauchie Mourning Letter-Paper and Black -bordered Title-Pages "Magna est veritas" The Princess and the Rose-Leaf, 34" Borstal "Human Fat as a Medicine "'Over the bills and far away " " Forwhy," 35 Shake- speare Mystery De Tassis, Spanish Ambassador temp. James I. The Pronunciation of " ow " Pavlova Robert Catesby, Jun., Son of the Conspirator, 36 Dickens and Wooden Legs " Walloons "Peter Henham Lady Ana de Osorio, Countess of Chinchon A Puritan Ordeal in the Nineteenth Century Amphillis Washington, 37.

NOTES ON BOOKS :-Peter Mundy's Travels in Asia 4 The Mystery in the Drood Family ' ' The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal The Nineteenth Century' 'The Fortnightly Review ' ' English Royal Bindings.'

Notices to Correspondents.


MUCH confusion exists as to the author- ship of several famous controversial books published under the pseudonym of " John Brereley, Priest," in the early part of the seventeenth century. They have been generally ascribed to James Anderton of Lostock, such being the statement in the 'D.N.B.' by Thompson Cooper, F.S.A., in Lowndes's ' Bibliographer's Manual,' in Baines's ' History of Lancashire,' and in the British Museum Catalogue. The statement was unquestioned until Mr. Joseph Gillow published his * Literary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics,' 1885. In this work Mr. Gillow ascribes the authorship to James Anderton's nephew Lawrence Anderton of

Lostock (1575-1643), though in the * Addi- tions and Corrections ' to the work he states that

'* Brereley 's identity with Lawrence Anderton has here been too confidently stated. It is only a conjecture and needs proof, though it is abso- lutely certain that James Anderton, Esq., was not the author of the works published under the alias of Brereley."

Since that work was published, however, Mr. Gillow has obtained additional informa- tion by reference to several of the original MSS. of " John Brereley " which he has purchased. The handwriting and contents of these MSS. prove that the author was undoubtedly Lawrence Anderton. This in- formation was first published in the bio- graphical particulars of Lawrence Anderton in this writer's ' Bibliographia Boltoniensis ' (Manchester University Press, 1913), thus terminating the doubt which had pre- viously existed.

Lawrence Anderton, born in 1575, was the son of Thomas Anderton of Horwich. He received his rudimentary education at Blackburn Grammar School, and from there entered Christ's College, Cambridge, where, on account of his genius and elo- quence, he received the epithet of " silver- mouhed Anderton." He seems to have received Protestant Orders , but later be- came a convert to the Roman Catholic Church. About 1604 he is said to have proceeded to Rome and entered the Society of Jesus. After spending several years teaching in Continental colleges, he returned to Lancashire, to which county his mis- sionary labours were chiefly confined. He was Superior of the Lancashire District in 1621, and probably for some years before. About 1624 he was sent to the mission in London, where he remained until 1641, and then returned to Lancashire, where he died 17 April, 1643.

A secret printing press was established at Lostock Hall for the publication of Catholic literature, and many of his books issued from it. This press was seized by the Bishop of Chester upon the death of his relative James Anderton, 22 Sept., 1613. A new press was then set up by James's brother Roger at Birchley Hall, and this lasted for a considerable period. Below is as complete a list of books written by Lawrence Anderton as I have so far been able to obtain.

1. Adelphomachia ; or, Ye wars of Protestancy.


2. Campion translated. This probably was the

English translation of Campion's ' Decem