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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. XL MAY is, 1915.


BUM.' The late Miss Lucy Toulmin Smith's article on Bartholomew in the * D.N.B.' (xxi. 409) was published in 1890. The intervening quarter of a century has seen, I believe, a good deal of work done with a view to re-editing Trevisa's English trans- lation. Has any discussion of the filiation of the Latin MSS. been published ? Miss Toulmin Smith mentions that MS. Ashmole 1512 is dated November, 1296. Is an earlier one known ? What is the present custody of the " Tollemache MS.," which appears to be a very good text of the English version ? Q. V.

FAWCETT, RECOBDEB OF NEWCASTLE. I should be glad to obtain particulars of his

Earentage and career, and also the date of is death. According to Lord Campbell's ' Lives of the Chief Justices,' he was at West- minster School with William Murray, after- wards the first Earl of Mansfield ; and it was owing to his indiscreet conversation at the Dean of Durham's table that Murray was charged before the Privy Council with having toasted the Pretender.

G. F. R. B.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION WANTED. I should be glad to obtain any particulars concerning the parentage and careers of the following Old Westminsters : (1) James Cloberie Gascoigne, admitted 1732, aged 8.

(2) Thomas Gataker, admitted 1725, ac'ed 7.

(3) William Gataker, admitted 1733, aged 9.

(4) William Gee, admitted 1749, aged 14.

(5) Daniel Gell, admitted 1731, aged 13.

(6) Stephen Germain, admitted 1721," acred 9.

(7) Richard Gibbon, admitted 1734, aged 7.

(8) James Giffard, who graduated M.A. from Trin. Coll., Camb., 1794. (9) John Giffard, admitted 1778. (10) Edward Gif- ford, admitted 1721, aged 11.

G. F. R. B.

THE BISHOP OF MALTA AS BBIGADIEB- GENEBAL. The March number of The Downside Review, at p. 95, states :

i/iivx ..-.i ivioi.1 ii.j.ij.ij. J.U JLCUU&U1U1.UI1 ui tins, /ircn- bishop Caruana was received with full military honours on his arrival at Valetta in the end of February.

The present Bishop of Malta and titular Archbishop of Rhodes was, previous to his consecration, Dom Maurus Caruana, O.S.B., a monk of St. Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus, N.B. What relation is he to Canon F. X. Caruana, under whose leadership

Malta became part of the British Empire ? His predecessor, Monsigrnor Pietro Pace,, was created a K.C.V.O. by King Edward VII. It would be interesting to have recorded in ' N. & Q.' the document by the terms of which the Bishop of Malta, for the time being,, holds this exalted military rank, which is. equivalent in status to that of a Commodore in the Royal Navy. He, presumably, takes his seniority from the date of his consecra- tion.

Where, in his diocese, the Bishop o-f Malta rank ? Is it immediately after the Governor and Commander - in - Chief ? The Archbishop of Canterbury is a G.C.V.O ,. and the Bishop of London, Bishop Boyd Carpenter, the Dean of Windsor, and Canons Dalton and Sheppard, are all Knights; Commanders of the Order ; but probably Monsignor Pace was the only Roman Catholic ecclesiastic who has been thus honoured. JOHN B. WAINEWBIGHT,

JOHN MOBGAN OF THE INNEB TEMPLE. I am seeking, for genealogical purposes, par- ticulars of the birth and parentage of one- John Morgan of the Inner Temple, admitted a member of that society 30 Jan., 1765,. called to the Bar 8 Feb., 1771. He was a friend of William Murray, afterwards Earl of Mansfield. It was said of these two lawyers that " the English Bar must ever command respect whilst it had Murray's eloquence- and Morgan 's integrity. ' ' This John Morgan ,. who was cousin to Sir Chaloner Ogle, died 30 Aug., 1803, in St. George's, Southwark, London ; and in the burial register of that parish is the following entry : " 3rd Sept.,. 1803, John Morgan, late of Wotton Place,, St. George's Fields." He married Sarah

, and by her had issue five children, the

eldest, Maria Morgan, marrying 16 July,. 1798, as his second wife, John, third and last Earl of Carhampton.


Hope House, Crown Road, JSorwich.

DB. LUZZATO. Is anything known of Dr. Luzzato, who was an Italian physician resident in London about the middle of the- eighteenth century ?


JAMES THOMAS KIBKMAN. Is anything known of James Thomas Kirkman, who published a ' Life of Charles Macklin,' the actor, in two volumes in 1799 ? John Taylor in * Records of my Life ' says that Kirkman was reported to have been a son of Macklin* When did he die ?