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11 8. XL MAY 29, 1915.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


The change of the dedication of Warton Church, from St. Oswald to Holy Trinity, seems to be certain, and there may be other instances in the county Ashton-under- Lyne, Bolton-le-Moors, Bolton-le-Sajids, Child wall, and Radcliffe. Some of the apparent- changes may be errors merely, and not deliberate alterations. J. J. B.

MONSIEUR DE BBEVAL (11 S. xi. 322). This was Francis Durant de Breval, a descendant of a French refugee Protestant family, and Prebendary of Westminster. Sir John Bramston, in his ' Autobiography ' (Camden Society), p. 157, describes him as

" Monsieur Brevall, a Frenchman (formerly a priest of the Romish church, and of the companie of those in Somerset House, but now a convert to the protesbarit religion and a preacher at the


The date of his conversion is given as 1666. The British Museum possess a sermon by Breval, and they enter it as :

"Breval (Francis? Durant? de), D.D. La couronne de vie promise aux fideles.: sermon [on Rev. ii. 10] presche devantSon Altesse Monseigneur le Prince d'Orange dans I'^glise Franchise de la Savoye. 1670."


The sermon was possibly preached by Francis Durant de Breval, afterwards pre- bendary of Westminster. See Chester's ' Westminster Abbey.' A few particulars supplementing Chester's account of him will be found in the article on his son, John Durant Breval, in the ' D.N.B.' DIEGO.

EARLY LORDS OF ALEN^ON (US. xi. 126, 284). I am much obliged to MR. PIERPOINT for the information from the ' Histoire Genealogique.' This confirms my view that a generation was omitted in ' L'Art de Verifier les Dates,' but agrees with that work m making Yves I. succeeded by William (though making the latter his son instead of his brother). Apparently, then, the ' His- toire ' would also treat the Yves who made a grant to Mont St. Michel, not earlier than 997 (see ante, p. 126), as identical with the Yves who was " active in affairs " in 944, and, indeed, some years earlier ; unless the grantor could be the younger son and namesake whom the ' Histoire ' assigns to Yves I.

The reason which ' L'Art ' gives for treating Guillaume and Avesgaud a,s brothers, instead of sons, of Yves I., is that " Yves avoit epouse Godechilde, dont il n'eut, de son aveu, que 2 filles, Billechende & Evemburge " [? misprint for Eremburge],

citing ' Gall. Christ.,' t. xi. p. 513. The only way to reconcile this statement with the pedigree given by the ' Histoire ' is to suppose that his three sons and two other daughters were born subsequently, perhaps by a second wife bearing the same name of Godechilde or Godchilde. If my suggestion that there were two successive Lords of Alen^on named Yves were admissible, the difficulty would be surmounted by assuming that it was Yves II. who had only two daughters, and was consequently succeeded by his brother Guillaume ; always sup- posing that the document in question is not too early for this, and does not definitely identify its author with Yves I., the son of Fulcoin and Bohais. It is a. pretty puzzle.

The succession of the later lords, from Guillaume I. already mentioned, seem quite clear, Alencon apparently becoming a comte in the twelfth century.


St. Cross, Harleston, Norfolk.

DR. EDMOND HALLE Y'S ANCESTRY (11 S. x. 408 ; xi. 128). Mr. Kalph J. Beevor, of Fairfield, Madeira Avenue, Bromley, Kent,, writes me under date of 29 Mar., 1915, of the discovery, in the printed register of St. Margaret's, Westminster, of the entry of the marriage of Edmund Halley to Aime Robinson, spinster, 9 Sept., 1656. In the baptismal register of the same parish

" are three Anne Robinsons, any one of whom might be identical with the bride, viz.: Anne R., d. of John R., bapt. Aug. 29, 1624; Anne R., d. of Wm. R., bapt. July 13. 1628; Anne R., d. of Richard R bapt. July 2, 16:34."

It might be worth while to look for the- will of Richard Robinson.

EUGENE F. McPiKE. 1200, Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

JOSEPH HILL, COWPEB'S FRIEND AND CORRESPONDENT (11 S. xi. 340, 390). In reply to MR. SHORTER at the latter reference, I may state that Joseph Hill's name does not appear in the admissions to Westminster School. D ies any allusion to his education there occnr in his correspondence ? Did he continue to practise at Savile Row, and to live at Wargrave until his death ?

G. F. R. B.

' LA BRABANgpNNE '(US xi. 297). An anonymous English rendering of the Belgian National Anthem will be found in ' Pro Patria : a Book of Patriotic Verse ' (Dent & Sons). This volume also includes the French text of M. ^mile Cammaerts's poem ' Le Drapeau Beige.' J. R. THORNE.