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11 S. XI. JUNES, 1915.]



"hie ultimo," or "hie obiit." These notes were, I think, made contemporaneously with the events they record. They are to be found in what remains of the book for 1395-6, and the practice of making them still ob- tained in 1450.

2. In the extant books from 1406 to 1425 (but not later) the first and last lists for the year are peppered with notes against names, either " recessit hoc anno " or " venit hoc anno." If one could be certain that Heete consulted Hall-books while compiling the Register, one might reasonably proceed to conjecture that these ancient notes are his. It is a remarkable fact and one that perhaps gives support to this conjecture that in 4 H. VI. (1425) a change occurs in the Register itself, a change which may be taken to indicate the point at which the Register ceases to be a compilation : it is at last up to date, and the annual lists are henceforth contemporary records of the admissions. In the list s" for 3 H. VI. (1424) and the preceding years the boys' names are arranged artificially, according to an alpha- betical system based on the Christian names. Thus in 1424 an Edmund comes first, then four Johns, one Richard, three Thomases, and five Williams ; finally a Christopher, last because his name is written " Xpoforus." One may hit upon an occasional slip or departure in some of the lists, but there can be no doubt about the system, which ended with the list of 1424. In 1425 and onwards the names follow the order of admission or (what is much the same thing) the Election Roll order. I must, however, leave this topic for development perhaps on another occasion, and return now to the Hall-book of 1401-2, which, as has been stated already, has none of the notes that would assist one to pick out new-comers.

The following is my list, extracted from, the book, of the boys who seem to have been admitted as Scholars while the book was current :

1, Manning ; 2, Thos. West ; 3, John Sowey ; 4, Henry Person alias Stanwyk ; 5, Wm. Lamport; 6, Robt. Baret ("Baret jiin.") ; 7, Rd. Rixton ; 8, Robt. Busbrigge ; 9, Wm. Haseley ; 10, John Hardegrave ; 11, Rd. Halstede; 12, John Lucas; 13, Bowyere jun. ; .14, Knight; 15, Mayow ; 16, Knoller ; 17, Hoker ; 18, Fitzsymond ; 19, Langryssh. Entries in the diary for the 7th week of the 4th quarter show that the annual Election was held that week. Only Fitzsymond and Langryssh were admitted subsequently. The other seventeen boys (if my list is correct) were

admitted in the above order under the Election of the preceding year, 2 H. IV.

However, when one proceeds to compare the above list with the entries in the Register,, one gets the following results :

(a) According to the Register, No. 9 f was admitted in 1 H. IV.

(b) Nos. 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 19 ia 2 H. IV.

(c) Nos. 7, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 18 in 3 H. IV.

(d) No. 4, whom the Hall-book twice des- cribes as " Henricus Stanwyk alias Person "' (see 2nd and 3rd weeks of 3rd quarter),, but generally calls simply " Person," appears- in the Register as two distinct boys, Henry Person (1 H. IV.) and Henry Stanwyk (2 H. IV.).

(e) The Register does not seem to contain No. 1, who, according to the Hall-book,, came in the 5th week of the 1st quarter, and vacated in the 1st of the 3rd ; or No. 2,. unless he be the Thos. M ord-West of 1 H. IV., who is followed in the Register by a Thos. Mordon ; or No. 6, who was distinct from the John Baret of 1 H. IV. (for this John Baret also figures for a while in the Hall-book and was " Baret sen.") ; or No. 15, who came (together with Nos. 13, 14, and 16) in the 1st week of the 4th quarter.

(/) Finally, the Register gives a list of nine boys as admitted in 3 H. IV. ; three of them, John Wyzthnap, John Barell, and Robt. Somerseth, do not appear in the Hall- book we are dealing with, but this book ended on 22 Sept., 1402, a week before the end of the year 3 H. IV., and it is possible that these three Scholars arrived in the last week of that regnal year.

In any review of the foregoing results, one- ought to make every reasonable presumption one can in favour of the Register being correct, and particularly so if one accepts the theory that it was compiled by Heete for Heete appears as a Scholar throughout the Hall-book (his name being often written " He the " or " Heeth "), and he should not have made mistakes in the Register about the coming of his own contemporaries. Nevertheless, there are matters upon which the Hall-book and the Register seem to be irreconcilable : for instance, the admission of Robert Langryssh as Scholar is assigned in the Register to 2 H. IV., but according to the Hall-book of 3 H. IV- he was a Commoner until the 10th week of the 4th quarter of this book, and became a Scholar under the Election of 3 H. IV. H. C.

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