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(See ante, p. 445.)

IN conclusion, I append a pedigree based on the evidence I have adduced showing that Isabel was the daughter of Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk, by his wife Maud or Matilda Marshal, eldest daughter of William, the first Earl of Pembroke of that family, and on the assumption that she was born circa 1207-8. The works referred to ia the pedigree are :

Banks, ' Baronies in Fee,' and ' Dormant and

Extinct Baronage.' Blomefield, ' History of Norfolk.' " Calendar of Documents for Ireland.' Campbell, ' The Lives of the Chief Justices of


Doyle, ' Official Baronage of England.' Dugdale, ' Baronage.' Gibbs, ' Complete Peerage.' Gilbert, ' Chartularies of St. Mary's Abbey,


Hamilton Hall, ' The Marshal Pedigree.' Harrison, ' History of Yorkshire.'

Munford, ' Analysis of the Domesday Book of

co. Norfolk.'

Roberts, ' Excerpta e Rotulis Finium in Turri Londinensi asservatis, 1216-72.'

Roger Bigod, restored (2nd) Earl of Norfolk, 3 April, 1218. Born ante 1150 (Doyle, ii. 575) ; married ante 1195 (Doyle, ib.), perhaps as early as 1189 (F. H. R.), as his first wife, Isabel, daughter of Hamelin, natural son of Geoffrey, Count of Anjou [born ante 1151 ; married, 1164, Isabel, Countess of Surrey, Warenne, and Boulogne (who died 13 July, 1199), when he became j.u. Earl of Surrey and Warenne (Doyle, iii. 470), and died April, 1202] ; and dying ante 2 Aug., 1221 (Doyle, ii. 576), or in 1220 (Blomefield, v. 225), left by her, inter alia, an eldest son

Hugh Bigod (a), who succeeded his father as 3rd Earl of Norfolk. He was born ante 1195 (Doyle, ii. 576), perhaps as early as 1190 (F.H.R.); married shortly before Easter, 1207 (' Histoire de Guillaume le Marshal,' 11. 13,335-53), or c. 1212 (Doyie, ib.}, Maud, eldest daughter of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke [born ante 1153 ; married ante 3 Sept., 1189, as second wife, Isabel de Clare (died after 18 June, 1219), daughter of Richard, Earl of Pembroke (Doyle, iii. 2, 3)], born c. 1190-1200 ( H. Hall) ; not more than 35 in 1225 (ib.), therefore born c. 1190 (F. H. R.), lately dead at 7 April, 1248 (Roberts, ii. 31 ). [She remarried (as second wife) before 13 Oct., 1225, William de Warenne, Earl of Warenne and Surrey, who died 27 May, 1240 (Doyle, iii. 471 ) (which William was brother to Isabel, Hugh Bigod's mother, so uncle to Maud's first husband , F. H. R.), and by him had issue : 1, Isabel, who married 1234 (Banks, ' D. & E. B.,' iii. 691) Hugh de Albini, last Earl of Arundel and Sussex of that family, which Hugh was born after 1217 , and died 7 May, 1243 (Doyle, i. 68), s.p. ; or born 1214, as of age 10 May, 1235 (Gibbs, i. 230) ; 2, John de Warren, born c. 1235 (Doyle, iii. 471) ; married, May, 1247, Alice de Lusignan, daughter of Hugh, Count de la Marche, and half -sister to Henry III. ; and died 27 Sept., 1305 (Doyle, iii. 472), leaving issue.] Hugh Bigod died ante 18 Feb., 1224/5 (Roberts, i. 125), leaving issue.

I. Isabel Bigod (&),born in or c. 1205 (H. Hall), born possibly end of 1207 or early 1208 (F. H. R.). She had Connell, a Marshal manor, as her " mari- tagium " (' Cal. Doc. Ire.,' i. 2121). The Honour of Ewyas-Lacy was assigned to her for dower (Banks, ' D. & E. J8.,' i, 105). Occurs c. 1234. Isabel married firstly, perhaps in 1222-3 (F. H- R.), Gilbert de Laci, who was living 12 Aug., but dead by 25 Dec., 1230, v.p. (H. Hall). By him Isabel had two daughters :

(1) Margery de Laci, elder daughter ('Cal. Doc. Ire.,' i. 2699), born say 1223 (F. H. R.) ; married (say 1238, F. H. R.) John de Ve^n, who died 1273. Margery died 1256, leaving issue.

(2) Maud or Matilda de Laci, younger daughter (' Cal. Doc. Ire.,' ib.), born say 1225 (F. H- R.) ; married 1240, as her first husband, Peter de Geneva, who died 1249 s.p. She married secondly, before 1253, Geoffrey de Geneville (Pat. Rot. 37 Hen. III.), or in 38 Hen. III. (Banks, ' D. & E. B.,' i. 105). He was summoned to Parliament from 27 E. I. to 35 E. I. (Banks, ' B. in Fee,' i. 220), and died apparently in the last-mentioned year (F. H. R.), leaving issue. Maud or Matilda , his wife, died 1302 or 1304 (Gilbert, ii. 331).