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NOTES AND QUERIES. [11 s. XL JUNE 19, 1915

KENNEL on CANNEL COAL. In * A Coin- pleat History of the Rebellion' (1745), by James Ray of Whitehaven (York, M,DCC,XL,IX. ), the author, in a short descrip- tion of Wigan, states, speaking of " Kennel coal " :

" Of these coals they make many curious toys, it bearing to be turned and polished so as to look like Black marble or jet, being formed into Snuff Boxes, Nutmeg Boxes, Candle Sticks, Salts, &c., by one Tootell, a turner who lives there."

Does any one carry on this business now? Ray adds :

" It cannot be worked far distant from where it is got by reason of the hardness which it will acquire through time when conveyed to distant places."

H. G. P.

CHEESES IN IRELAND. DR. STANLEY LANE-POOLE, dealing with letters of Arch- deacon. Burton written towards the close of the eighteenth century (ante, p. 426), makes the curious remark that " in Ireland .... cheese has always been a foreign luxury."

Is this a fact, and were no cheeses made in Ireland in the eighteenth century, or since ? J. LANDFEAR LUCAS.

Glendora, Hindhead, Surrey.


" Corinth, and other Poems. Dedicated (by permission) to the Right Hon. Viscountess Anson. London : Printed by Kllerton and Henderson, Johnson's Court, Fleet Street. 1821 "? It is the work of a woman.


REV. CHARLES STRONG, whilst resident at Torquay in 1835, published a small quarto volume of sonnets, and dedicated the work to the then Earl of Harrowby. I am desirous of learning in what way, if any, the author was connected with Staffordshire. S. A. GRUNDY-NEWMAN.



Wanted, information as to the place and precise date of death of Capt. John Daniel Blundell, died 1838; and Capt. William Twyning, died 1844.

In the ' Army List' of 1825 Capt. William Kingdom Rains, half-pay, Royal Artillery, is shown as possessing the Order of Leopold of Austria. For what services was this given ? After 1825 he served in the 51st Foot. J. H. LESLIE, Major, R.A.

(retired list)

31, Kenwood Park lload, Sheffield.

AUTHORSHIP OF SERMONS. (See p. 400.) I also possess two MS. sermons- They were given to me by the son of a clergyman in 1861. They are numbered respectively 80 and 99.

No. 80 has the following on its cover :

" Y? Nativity of Jesus Xt. Matter of great Joy. How to be express'd. Kimbolton, Xtmas,. 1756 ; Middleton, Xtmas, 1757 ; Lempster, post' Xtmas, 1759. 1760."

No. 99:

" Upon y e opening of the Organ y 6 gift of L d Powis. Ludlow Trin. 15. 1764. Luke 7.. 4. 5. 6."

Can the author be identified ?


MSS. : AUTHORS WANTED. For some years I have had in my possession the two under- noted MS. volumes. Perhaps some of your learned readers may be able to supply names of authors, or say whether either has been, hitherto printed.

(a) " The Defeat of the ffairys [sic] : The History of Phionice and Anaxander Clepnice and Adrastes Ye princess Milicerte and Diocletus Ye Princess Leonice and Agatha, Princess of ye Scythians. Anno Dona. 1732." 166 leaves, sm. 4to, old vellum. Title on back, ' Faerie Tales,' also initials/' E. C."

(&) " The Queen of Susa | a Tragedy | in Five Acts. | Longum bibebat. amorem. Virg. 1816." 94 leaves, 4to, half bound.

Male characters include Abradatus, King of Susa ; Cyrus, Prince of Persia, and Croesus, King of Lydia, with only twa women Panthea, Queen of Susa, and Dorissa, her companion. (In words like- "favor," "fervor," "honor," &c., the u is omitted. ) ROBERT McCmRE.

23, Cromwell Street, Glasgow.

MRS. VINCENT (MRS. MILLS). According to John Taylor in ' Records of my Life,' ii. 319-21, this lady was originally a "milk- girl " named Isabella Burchell, who lived " in the neighbourhood of Mr. Tyers' country seat." Jonathan Tyers was the proprietor of Vauxhall Gardens, where she appeared as a singer between the years 1751-60. On 23 Sept., 1760, she played Polly in ' 7 h& Beggar's Opera ' at Drury Lane, and was warmly praised by Churchill in ' The Ros- ciad.' From 1763 to 1766 she sang at Maryle- bone Gardens ; cf. ' The London Pleasure- Gardens,' Warwick Wroth, 101, 304. She married before 1760 the younger Vincent, " a performer on the oboe " in the band at Vauxhall. After his death she married Capt. J. Mills " in the Civil Service of the E.I.C." This individual, who was famous as one of the survivors of the Black Hole of