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WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that answers may be sent to them direct.

  • GUIDE TO IRISH FICTION.' I am engaged

upon the second edition of my ' Guide to Irish Fiction,' the first edition of which appeared in 1910 (Longmans). I have a list of novels of Irish interest about which I have not yet been able to obtain any information. I should be grateful to any readers of ' N. & Q.' who would send me particulars of these books, or communicate with me direct, so that I might write to them personally and invite their kind co-operation. I should also be most grateful to any who happen to possess copies of my first edition, if they would point out any mistakes and omissions in it.

Blackburne (E. O.) [Miss Casey]. Any of her stories.

Buchanan. The Peep-o'-Day Boy. A Ro- mance of '98.

Burke. A Cluster of Shamrocks.

Butt (Isaac). Children of Sorrow.

Chapman. Some Time in Ireland.

olthurst. Irrelagh.

Craig. Lanty Riordan's Red Light.

Crawford (Mrs.) Lismore.

Crommelin. Black Abbey.

Cusack (M. F.). Tim O'Halloran's Choice.

Flynaham. Kathleen.

Furlong (T.). Tales of Low Life.

Goodrich (" Peter Parley."). Tales about Great Britain and Ireland.

Greer. Three Wee Ulster Lassies.

STEPHEN J. BROWN, S.J. Mlltown Park, Dublin.

(To be continued.)

'THE THEATRE OF THE WORLD.' A book with the title,

" The Theatre of the World, or a- prospect of Humane [sic] Misery. Wherein is set forth an ample discourse of those numerous and unavoid- able calamities which are the inseparable attend- ants of mankind from the cradle to the tomb. Composed first in Latin by Peter Boyatuan, a Briton by birth, and afterwards done into French by himself. Whereunto is added a brief dis- course of the dignity and excellency of man. Translated into English by G. R. Licensed Sept. 14, 1678, W. Jane. London, printed for R. Bentley and M. Magnes in Russell-Street, Covent-Garden, 1679,"

has lately come into my possession. I am unable to find any account either of it or its author or translator in the ' Dictionary of National Biography,' Lowndes, or the Catalogue of the British Museum Library,

which last a friend has searched at my request. Perhaps some of your readers can assist me. My copy is in 18mo, and has a note by a previous owner giving the translator's name as Giles Rose, and the following unsigned note :

" Dedicated to James Betoun, Archbishop of Glasgow. I have a copy of this book in Latin and another in French. This English translation is more rare than the original. There was also a translation by John Alday. Burton's ' Anatomy of Melancholy ' has received hints from this work."

Preceding this no'te are the words : " Note, on fly-leaf before rebinding; in the hand- writing of the late Principal Lee," and below, " Copied Aug fc ., 1860. W. S."

L. A, W. Dublin. <

QUEEN HENRIETTA MARIA'S ALMONER, 1633. Who was Queen Henrietta Maria's High Almoner in 1633 ? In that year Queen's College paid II. 18s. Id. " pro convivio ad excipiendum summum reginse Marise eleemo- synarium para to sexto die Julii " ; and II. 10s. " pro chirothecis eidem et sacellano datis." Wood ('Annals,' ed. Gutch, II. i. 392) says that " the Queen's Almoner " was present on 6 July, 1633, at Peter Heylyn's disputations for D.D. when Dr. Prideaux, the professor, " let fall some passages in moderat- ing " to which exception was taken. Cros- field, in his (unpublished) diary, under the same date, speaks of " the French abbot, almoner to y e Queen."

JOHN R. MAGRATH. Queen's College, Oxford.

BEAMISH. Can any one give me the dates of the birth and death of H. H. Beamish, an Evangelical preacher in Conduit Street ? He lived into the fifties of last century. G. W. E. RUSSELL.

WOODS'S VIEWS IN LONDON. (See 11 S. viii. 293.) I have a book, the title-page of which agrees with the particulars given by MR. HUMPHREYS, but there is no date. The volume, bound in red cloth, is lettered on the outside ' London and its Environs.' The vignette title (the Monument) is headed ' Holmes's Views in London, Westminster, and their Vicinities ' : this section contains 35 plates. The second part consists of 33 plates, besides the vignette title (view of London), headed ' Select Illustrated Topo- graphy of Thirty Miles Around London.' The first part includes the Exhibition of 1851. Is this a reissue of the 1838 edition, and is my copy complete as regards number of plates ?