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NOTES AND QUERIES. [n s. ix. JAN. 31,

literature is hardly on a level with that of France, yet its importance for an understanding of the whole of European thought is obvious. In view of the proposal to erect a statue at Strassburg in honour of Martin Bucer, Principal Lindsay con- tributes an interesting and welcome account of the peace-making theologian, whose life and work are apt to be somewhat hazy to the general English reader. Mr. Desmond MacCarthy has an illu- minating study of Butler, the author of ' Erewhon ' ; and Mr. Leslie Johnston's * Modern Mysticism,' devoted largely to Francis Thompson and Mr. Tagore, and, like not a little recent writing on mysticism, plainly indebted to Baron von Hiigel, furnishes a good account of influences playing on the twentieth century from another side. He has some good remarks on the exaggerated definiteness with which some writers emphasize the traditional stages of the "mystic way." 'Some Reflections on Patriotism,' by Mr. Algernon Cecil, is an article worth reading and thinking over, whether it entirely commands assent or not.

Miss AJBBY MEEHAN writes : " May I say, in response to MR. ROBERT PIERPOINT'S note, ante, p, 37, re, my late brother Mr. J. F. Meehan's writings, that he wrote much more than has yet been chronicled in the memorial notices published ? For years down to August last he contributed a series of articles to The Beacon, a monthly pub- lished at Frome. He also wrote for several years in Coming Modes and The New Album monthly articles on 'Old Time Celebrities.' I trust a little later to be able to republish these articles in book- form, with reproductions of many of the rare prints in the Meehan Collection. The last thing my brother wrote was ' Famous Inns of Bath,' published last September [reviewed in 'N. & Q,' for the 13th of September].

" The Meehan Collection of Bath prints, original drawings, caricatures, maps, plans, &c.. has oeen valued at 50W. by a London expert, and is on offer to Bath at this sum. A committee is forming at Bath to raise the purchase money by subscription. I ha ve by the help of friends in London collected 150Z. of the required sum, and the Town Clerk, and Mr. John Hatton, Grand Pump Room, Bath, have received several cheques for the purpose of helping the fund."


MESSRS. ELLIS'S Catalogue No. 151, besides many other things, gives an account of a collec- tion of works on Africa, and of a number of Eliza- bethan books. One of the best items is the MS. ' Edicts et Ordonnances politiques de Elizabeth Royne d'Angleterre a present regnante,' written on 104 leaves of paper, with annotations describ- ing English customs, and a Latin dedication to the Bishop of Limoges, 1562, 121. 12s. There is a copy of an early edition of Kerver's ' Horse,' printed in Gothic letter on vellum, with initials illuminated by hand, 1500, 35Z. ; and a copy of Book IV. of the ' Imitation,' being the first work produced by Richelieu's private press, folio, 1640, 251. We noticed Rycharde Whytforde's ' Saynt Augustin's Rule in English Alone,' printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1527, of which there is no copy in the British Museum, 321. Another very good item is John Heywood's

' Woorkes ' : "A dialogue conteyning the num- ber of the effectual Prouerbes in the English tongue, compacte in a matter concerning two maner of Mariages. With one hu'dreth of Epi- grammes." This was printed in 1576 by Thomas Marsh. It is offered for 27Z. 10s. Messrs. Ellis have also a copy of ' The Lord Marques Idlene.s,' known to connoisseurs as a rare book. This has a dedication 7 pages long to Queen Elizabeth, and was printed in 1587 by Bollifant, 101. 10*. Of the books listed as ' On Africa ' perhaps the best is William Lithgow's ' A Most Delectable & True Discourse of an admired and paineful Peregrination from Scotland to the most famous Kingdomes in Europe, Asia & Affricke,' a second edition of a small quarto in black-letter printed by Okes, 1616, 11. 15s.

We have marked several more books as worth notice, but have space to mention only two more : Wynkyn de Worde's ' Boke of Comforte Against Trybulacyons ' of which there is no copy in the British Museum undated, but bearing the device used by the printer for ' The Ordinary of Cristen Men,' 1502, 35L, and a good thirteenth-century MS., ' Breviarium Lingonense,' containing the music of the services, its early date proved by the omission of the festival of Corpus Christi, 427.

MESSRS. MAGGS'S Catalogue No. 318 contains descriptions (1) of a collection of original drawings, ancient and modern, (2) of about as many etchings and engravings by old masters, and (3) of nearly 300 modern etchings. In the first division we noticed an attractive landscape ' Wayside Cot- tage 'by Peter de Windt, 521. ; a ' Virgin and Child with' St. Joseph,' drawn in colours on vellum, being a contemporary replica of the drawing by Diirer at Basle, 25 guineas ; several good examples of Turner ; and a study of female figures in black and red crayon by Murillo, 101. 10s. In the second division are included 22 of Diirer's copperplate engravings, and nearly as many examples of his wood engraving : among the former, the ' St. Genevieve,' 221. 10s., the ' St. Jerome en Penitence,' 221. 10s., and the 'Little War-horse,' 24Z.; and among the latter a complete set of the Apocalypse, 75J., and the large plate with the columns at the sides of the ' Maximilian I.,' 121. 12s. There is a curious and graceful piece of work by Nicholaus Mair von Landshut (fl. 1492-1514), representing St. Anne with the Madonna and Child, 58/. ; and we noticed also several quaint productions in the way of woodcuts by early unnamed artists.

The modern work is for the most part quite recent, and includes some of the best-known works of living etchers. Thus Cameron's ' Ben Ledi,' 165Z. ; Muirhead Bone's ' Great Gantry : Charing Cross Station,' 165f ; and Brangwyn's 'Bridge of Sighs,' 42Z. An interesting item is a set of 57 cancelled etchings and dry - points by Whistler, issued c. 1879 by the Fine Art Society, 34Z. 10s.

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S. S. desires to thank LEO C. and MR. Wai. NORMAN for their replies. The family sought for is Smyth or Smijth of Norborne.