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NOTES AND QUERIES. [11 s. ix. APB.L is,

OLD LONDON VIOLINS (11 S. ix. 247). In Stainer's ' Violin Makers ' (one oi No vello's " Primers,") Edward Pamphilon is stated to have been " a maker in London, on London Bridge, about 1680-90.' And after a description of his violins and tenors of small pattern is added :

" His instruments are still much liked ; their similarity to those made in Brescia led to labels o:

  • Gasparo da Salo ' being placed in them, a decep-

tion all the more easily carried out as few Pam- philon labels exist. Label : ' Edward Pam- philon, April the 3rd, 1685.' "


LEYSON FAMILY (11 S. ix. 248). Thomas Leyson (Leson), B.A. sup. 16 Dec., 1510; chaplain B.Can.L. 3 Feb., 1510/11; B.D. sup. 29 July, 1512, at Oxon ; Abbat oi the Monastery of St. Mary of Neath, of the Cistercian Order, in Glamorganshire ; per- haps Preb. of Lichfield 1520. See ' Fasti, i. 35.

Griffin Leyson, B.C.L. 1 Aug., 1524 D.C.L. 24 Jan., 1532/3, at Oxon; advocate 14 March, 1533/4; Dean of the Arches (by Cranmer), and Judge of High Court of Admiralty 1549-56 ; promoted Reformation under Edward VI., but relapsed into po pery (sic) ; licensed 3 May, 1544, to marry Lady Joyce Gammage, widow ; Rector of Wyddial, Herts, 1535 ; died 1555. See Lansdowne MS. 980, f. 184 ; ' London Marriage Licences,' ed. Foster ; Coote's ' Civilians,' 32 ; and Foster's ' Index Eccl.'

Geoff ry Leyson, B.C.L., B.Can.L. sup- May, 1531, at Oxon.

Antony Leyson (Lyeson), B.C.L. Oxon, 8 Oct., 1539.

Thomas Leyson, scholar, New Coll., 1567 ; Fellow 1569 ; B.A. detd. 1571-2 ; M.A. 1 Feb., 1575/6 ; B.Med. 8 July, 1583 ; Proctor 1583. Born at Neath ; practised at Bath; "a Latin poet." See ' Athen..' ii. 27; O.H.S., xii. 10; and 'D.N.B./ xxxiii. 217.

Morgan Leyson, s. Evans of Laleston, co. Glamorgan, pp. Christ Church, matric. 20 May, 1675, aged 20 ; B.A. from Jesus Coll. 20 March, 1678/9 ; M.A. 1682 ; Rector of Llangan, co. Glamorgan, 1686; father of next.

Evan Leyson, s. Morgan of Llangan, co. Glamorgan, cler. Jesus Coll. Oxon, matric. 12 March, 1705/6, aged 16.

Morgan Leyson, s. Morgan of Llangan, cler. Jesus Coll. Oxon, matric. 12 March, 1705/6, aged 15; B.A. 1709; M.A. 1712; B.D. 1719 ; Rector of Longworth, Berks, 1728.

John Leyson, s. Morgan of Longworth, Berks, cler. Jesus Coll. Oxon, matric. 9 May, 1749, aged 17 ; B.A. 1753.

Thomas Leyson, s. John of Chesildon Wilts, cler. Jesus Coll. Oxon, matric. 1 1 Nov. * 1774, aged 16 ; B.A. 1780 ; M.A. 1812 ; Vicar of Bassaleg, co. Monmouth, 1782, and Rector of Tredonnock and Pantleague 1812,. until death 8 Feb., 1838.

William Leyson, s. William of Neath, co. Glamorgan, pleb. Jesus Coll. Oxon, matric. 22 June, 1786, aged 18.

John Leyson, s. Thomas of Bassaleg, cler. University Coll., matric. 21 Jan., 1808, aged 18 ; B.A. from St. Alban Hall, 1813. See ' Eton School Lists.' A. R. BAYLEY.

ST. PANCBAS: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PARISH (11 S. ix. 191, 235). From the list provided at the latter reference Mr. Clinch's * Maryle- bone and St. Pancras ' has been omitted. The most important MS. history is that of John Martin, prepared between 1824 and 1829, in nine lavishly illustrated volumes. ALECK ABRAHAMS.

HISTORY OP GLASS-MAKING AND THE GLASS TRADE (US. ix. 230). As regards the manu- facture of optical glass, the article by Sir David Gill upon the telescope in ' The Ency- clopaedia Britannica,' ninth edition, is most valuable. It is an excellent precis of all the facts. Andrew Ure's 'Dictionary of Arts and Sciences ' contains an excellent brief account, also with various recipes, for making flint glass. Chester Moor Hall and John Dollond are both in 'D.N.B.,' and both biographies are written by Miss A. M. Clerke. Chester Moor Hall showed his in- difference to the claims of priority by taking no part in the trial Dollond v. Champness in 1766. Lord Mansfield held that as Hall had " confined his discovery to his closet, and the public were not acquainted with it, Dollond was to be considered the inventor."

At a meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society held on 9 May, 1886, a legal docu- ment signed by Chester Moor Hall was presented to the Society by Mr. R. B. Prosser 3f the Patent Office. On the same occasion Mr. Ranyard made the following interesting statement respecting Hall :

" Some years ago very little was known about Moor Hall. It was known that, about seven years after the patent for making achromatic object-glasses was granted to Dollond, his claim

o the invention was disputed by other instrument -

makers, amongst them by a Mr. Champness, an nstrument -maker of Cornhill, who began to nfringe the patent, alleging that John Dollond