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Notes and Queries, July 25, 1914.



Bonner ordination in Queen Elizabeth's reign, 386 Bonnin or Boneen (Goosey), Etonian, 1754, 449 Bons mots, the authors of, 291, 335 Book Clubs of Huntingdonshire, 461

Books recently published :

Agate's (L. D.) Luther and the Reformation,

299 Andreas 's (Mui Shuko) Gypsy Coppersmiths

in Liverpool and Birkenhead, 199 Archaeologia JEliana, Third Series, Vol. X.,

259 1 Baddeley's (W. St. C.) Place-Names of

Gloucestershire, 258 Beaumont's (E. T.) Ancient Memorial

Brasses, 159

Beer's (M.) Schopenhauer, 299 Bell's (Clive) Art, 377

Bibliography of English Medieval Economic History, compiled under the supervision of H. Hall, 280

Black's (G. F.) A Gypsy Bibliography, 160 Blunt's (R.) In Cheyne Walk and Thereabout,


Bollandiana, Analecta, Tomus XXXIII., 499 Book- Auction Records, Vol. XL Ft. L, 258 Boynton's (P. H.) London in English Litera- ture, 59 Bradley's (H.) A New English Dictionary:

Shastri-Shyster, 338

Briggs's (W, D.) Marlowe's Edward II., 318 Brighton, Catalogue of Documents and Letters lent by Alderman C. Thomas- Stanford, 500 Bruce of Bannockburn : a Translation of

Barbour's ' Bruce ' by M. Macmillan, 499 Bruce's (Prof. H.) English History in Con- temporary Poetry, No. 1, 279 Bumpus's (J. S.) A Dictionary of Ecclesi- astical Terms, 219

Burgess's (F. W.) Chats on Old Coins, 179 Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 1914, 20 Calendar of Coroners' Rolls of the City of London, A.D. 1300-78, ed. by R. R. Sharpe, 458 Chalmers's (P. M.) The Cathedral Church of

Glasgow, 359 Chester, Parish Register of the Holy Trinity,

1532-1837, edited by L. M. Farrall, 519 Churchwardens' Accounts of the Parish of

Badsey, Worcestershire, 279. Churchwardens' Accounts from the Four- teenth Century to the Close of the Seven teenth Century, by J. C. Cox, 98 Clay's (R. M.) The Hermits and Anchorites

of England, 439 Cook's (S. A.) The Foundations of Religion

299 Couper's (W. J.) The Millers of Haddington

Dunbar, and Dunfermline, 339 Cox's (J. C.) Churchwardens' Accounts from the Fourteenth Century to the Close of tb Seventeenth Century, 98 Craigie's (W. A.) A New English Dictionary

Sorrow Speech, 79 Davies's (R.) The Greatest House at Chelsey

478 Dcone's (Rev. A. C.) Great Malvern Priory

Church, 400 Dedications, compiled by M. E. Brown, 318


Escott's (T. H. S.) Club Makers and Club Members, 399

Books recently published:

Evelyn (John) in Naples, 1645, edited by

H. M. Smith, 59

Fellowship Books, edited by M. Stratton, 359 Figgis's (J. N.) The Divine Right of Kings,

319 Florilegio di Canti Toscani, English renderings

by G. Warrack, 519

Folk-Song Society, Journal of, No. 18, 419 Eraser's (G. M.) the Bridge of Dee, 118 Frazer's (N. L.) English History in Con- temporary Poetry, No. III., 279 Fry's (H.) Royal Guide to the London

Charities, 120"

Gill's (C.) The Naval Mutinies of 1797, 119 Gue"rard's (A. L.) French Civilization in the

Nineteenth Century, 218 Hannah's (I. C.) Capitals of the Northlands,


Henry VII., The Reign of, from Contemporary Sources, selected by A. F. Pollard, 98, 358 Heraldry, The Manual of, edited by F. J.

Grant, 199

History, English, in Contemporary Poetry: No. I. The Fourteenth Century, by Prof. H. Bruce. No. III. The Tudor Monarchy, 1485 to 1588, by N. L. Frazer, 279 Holborn and London Citizens, edited by J. C.

Whitebrook, 140 Huish's (M. B.) Samplers and Tapestry

Embroideries, 39 International Directory of Booksellers, edited

by J. Clegg, 279 Jones's (A.) The Period of the Industrial

Revolution, 299 Kriiger's (Dr. G.) Schwierigkeiten des

Englischen, Part II. Section L, 239 Lanercost, The Chronicle of, 1272-1346,

trans, by Sir H. Maxwell, 178 London, A Short History of, by K. H. Vickers,

199 London Charities, Herbert Fry's Royal

Guide to the, 120 London in English Literature, by P. H.

Boynton, 59 Luther and the Reformation, by L. D. Agate,


Mace's (C. A.) Goode Olde Countree, 519 Major's (A. E.) Early Wars of Wessex, 258 Mending of Life, Introduction by D. Harford,


Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, 99 Mutschmann's (H.) The Place-Names of

Nottinghamshire, 258 Neale's (Rev. J. M.) Sermons preached in

Sackville College Chapel, 99 New English Dictionary : Sorrow Speech, by W. A. Craigie, 79; Shastri Shyster, by H. Bradley, 338

Parish Register* of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in the City of Chester, 1532-1837, edited by L. M. Farrall, 519 Peddie's (R. A.) Fifteenth Century Books:

a Guide to their Identification, 139 Pepys Bibliotheca Pepysiana : Part I. "Sea" Manuscripts; Part II. Early Printed Books to 1558, 419 Place-Names of Gloucestershire, by W. St. C.

Baddcley, 258

Place-Names of Nottinghamshire, by H. Mutschmann, 258