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12 S. X. FEB. 4, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 81 LONDON, FEBRUARY 4. 1922. CONTENTS. No. 199. NOTES : Commonwealth Marriages and Burials in the Aldeburgh Register Book. 81 Massinger and Dekker s ' The Virgin Martyr,' 83 Glass-painters of York : John de Burgh 88 Oxfordshire Masons Yorkshire Land Terms : " On stand." " Gairns." 89 A Tudor Fireplace at St. Albans. 90 QUERIES : Evelyn Queries. 90 Eighteenth-century Poetry- Arab (or Eastern) Horses. 91 The Papal Triple Crown- Comic Natural History Hartgill Baron, 92 Mrs. Holt : ' Isoult Barry of Wynscote ' Two Naval Pictures by Serres Derivation of Chinkwell Moon Folk-lore : Hair-cutting, 93 Quotations in ' The Tatler ' ' De Imitatione Christi ' : Echoes of Virgil Holborn, Middle Row Sarah Siddons Theatre, Lynn James A dair. Historian Samuel Maunder Zachary Taylor Oakeley " Kangaroo Cook " Ewen : Coat of Arms William Harbord Author wanted, 94. REPLIES : Judith Cowper : Mrs. Madan " Anglica [or Rustica] gens." &c. ' N.E.D.' Dinner Dalstons of Acorn- bank, 95" The Running Horse," Piccadilly" Time with a gift of tears "Land Measurement Terms " The Swan Tavern." Chelsea. 96 Freedom of a City Adah Isaacs Menken's ' Infelicia ' The Troutbeck Pedigree, 97 Sir Thomas Dingley The House of Harcourt, 98 Beauchamp : Moseley : Woodham ' The Ingoldsby Legends ' Erghum Authors wanted, 99. NOTES ON BOOKS : ' Prints of British Military Operations.' Notices to Correspondents. COMMONWEALTH MARRIAGES AND BURIALS IN THE ALDEBURGH REGISTER BOOK. IN the ' Report of Manuscripts in Various Collections,' vol. iv. (Hist. MSS. Com.), 1907, under ' Records of the Corporation of Aldeburgh, in the County of Suffolk,' and referring to the " Chamberlains' Account - books,"' occurs the following : V. Folio volume, in parchment cover, marked F; leaves not numbered 1666-1687. On the first page are notes of the accounts for 1656, and at the end of the volume (reversed) is a very important Marriage Register for the years 1653- 1656, kept by Henry Searle, M.A., the Minister, who was chosen Parish Registrar by vote of the inhabitants. " Births and Baptizings and Burialls " are also noted as being entered, but they are not contained in this volume. On going carefully through this volume, however, I found the " Burialls," but the " Baptizings " are certainly missing ; and on counting the leaves where p. 308 should appear, there is evidence that the" pages containing these entries have been removed. These Marriages and Burials are particularly valuable as being the only dates known in the middle of the seventeenth century. The Church Register containing the Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1600 to nearly 1700 has been lost, and no Bishop's tran- script is known. A query inserted many years ago in ' N. & Q. 1 as to its fate pro- duced no information. The Register-Booke of the towne of Aldeburgh in the County of Suffolk ; in w * 1 the Marriages, Births, Baptizemys, and Burialls of people from the 29^ day of September Anno Domini 1653 ; are ingrossed i Marriages ^ ( pag : 1 J Births & L S ee ) bor ) Baptizemys ( jpag: 154,* 308 ( Burialls " f pag : 308,* 154 Memorandum, that upon the 25 th day of October 1653, M r Henry Searle Master of Arts and minister of the Gospell of Jesus Christ, was chosen Parish- Register by the vote of the Inhabitants of this towne of Aldeburgh, according to an Act of Parliament on that behalfe : And that the sayd M r Henry Searle was then alsoe sworne and approoved by a Justice of Peace of this Cor- poration ; Witnes his Hand " hereunto subscribed. Jo : BURWOOD MARRIAGES 1653. PINNE & The purpose of marriage between CHENEY Mr. John Pin of Walderswick, & Joan Cheney of Aldeburgh both single persons was published on the thirty th day of October, as alsoe on the Sixth and on the thirteenth days of November 1653, together with the Names of their respective parents then alive ; viz., Mrs Bethia Pin of Walderswick aforesayd widdow Mother to the sayd John Pin ; Mr Thomas Cheney of Aldeburgh aforesayd and Mary Cheney his wife, parents to the sayd Joan Cheney. And the sayd John Pin and Joan Cheney were marryed on the fifteenth day of November by one of the Justices of Peace of this Corporation Wittnes his name here under- written. Wi THOMPSON ) Reg . HIGGINS & The purpose of marriage between JOHNSON John Higgins Batchelor, and Anne Johnson mayden both of this parish, was published on the sixth, thirteenth, and twenty'th days of November 1653 ; together

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