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110 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 S. X. FEB. 11, 1922. Guildford, Knt., son, by his first wife, of Sir John Guildford, Knt., of Benenden, Co. Kent. Or was she perhaps Dame Mary Guild - ford, the above-mentioned John Shelley's widow, who was the second wife of the above-mentioned Sir John Guildford, and Dame Elizabeth's mother, as well as her stepmother-in-law ? For both these ladies see MB. EVEBITT'S interesting communication at 10 S. iv. 55. JOHN B. WAINE WRIGHT. CROFT OF BARFORTH : LEEDES OF NORTH MILFORD (TADCASTER). Are there any direct representatives of these two old Yorkshire families at the present day ? They lived at the above places at the beginning of the eighteenth century. P. E. G. SAMUEL HARTLIB (1600-1662). Can any- one tell me where this friend of Milton re- sided in England and where he is buried ? His mother is said to have been English, but I should be glad of information on this point too. LAURANCE M. WULCKO. 142, Kinfauns Road, Goodmayes, Essex. CHEVALIEB SCHAUB. -When King Stanis- law of Poland came to London in 1754 he stayed with Chevalier Schaub, a naturalized Swiss. I should be glad of information re- garding this latter gentleman and whether it is known where he resided. LAUBANCE M. WULCKO. 142, Kinfauns Road, Goodmayes, THE H6TEL VOUILLEMONT. Can anyone tell me when what is now the Hotel Vouille- mont, in the Rue Boissy d'Anglas, Paris, ceased to be a private residence and became a hotel, and if any records exist of the Vouillemont family ? G. F. W. JAMES CONWAY, sometimes called " The Policeman Poet," author of ' St. Godric and other Poems ' and ' Home Lyrics,' a resident of Liverpool in the eighties. Can any reader give biographical details of him or say when and where he died ? W. N. C. EDWABD CAPEBN, the "Robert Burns" of Devon, friend of Harrison Weir, and quondam resident of Braunton. When and where did he die ? W. N. C. HEBALDIC MOTTOES. I shall be much obliged for any answers which describe a book or books containing lists of heraldic mottoes. A book which gives, in addition* some brief account of the circumstances (where known) under which the mottoes were acquired will be still more useful for my pur- pose my purpose being that of illustration in preaching and teaching. T. H. SOULBY. Kestor Gien, Chagford, South Devon. PIMLICO. Can any reader tell me the origin of the name " Pimlico " ? Why was that part of London so called ? H. E. [This subject has often been discussed in our columns and the following references might be consulted : 1 S. i. 383, 474 ; ii. 13 ; v. 260 5 S. viii. 1686 S. ix. 148, 253, 295, 357, 418 ; xi. 68, 176 10 S. iii. 182, 254 ; x. 401, 457, 514 ; xi. 75, 133, 194, 310, 414 11 S. xii. 364.] HUGUENOT BIBLE. Can any reader con- versant with various editions of the Bible throw any light at all on the particular issue as described on the title page as follows ? La Bible ] qui est | Toute la | Sancte Escri- toire du vieil et Nouveau Testament Autrement | L'Ancienne et la Nouvelle Alliance. Le tout revev confer^ sur les Textes Hebriaux et Grecs | A Sedan | Par Jean Jannon [ Imprimeur de 1' Aca- demie | M.D.C.XXXHI. The edition in question is 12mo bound in calf gilt, and the cover scoriated with neat ornamentative quavering. There also ap- pears an oval cut on the title page. ANEUBIN WLLLIAMS. Menai View, North Road, Carnarvon. LOBD BEACONSFIELD AND UDE, THE COOK. In Lord Beaconsfield's ' Letters,' edited by Ralph Disraeli (1887 ed., p. 146), under date of February, 1839, there is the following : There has been a row at Crockford's and Ude dismissed. He told the Committee he was worth 10,000 a year. ... He told Wombwell that in spite of his 10,000 a year he was miserable in retirement. In vol. ii. of Lord Beaconsfield's 'Life,' by Monypenny, pp. 39 and 40, the same incident is referred to, thus : 13 Oct. 1838. He told the Committee he was worth 4,000 a year. ... He told Wombwell in spite of his 4,000 a year, &c. Can anyone suggest any explanation for this discrepancy in the figures ? I should also be glad to know the date and place of Tide's death. FBEDEBICK C. WHITE. JOSEPH AUTEBAC was admitted to West- minster School in June, 1774. I should be slad to obtain any information about him. G. F. R. B.