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12 s.x. PEC 11,1022.1 NOTES AND QUERIES. 115 SURNAMES AS CHRISTIAN NAMES (12 S. Menken's body was laid in a temporary ix. 370, 437, 474, 511). According to the j grave in Pere Lachaise when she died in Granville Pedigree (Roger Granville, * History | Paris in August, 1868, but it was removed, at of the Granville Family,' 1895), Sir Thomas ; the instance, I believe, of one of the Roth- Granville (d. 1513) married the daughter schild family, to the Jewish portion of the of Sir Otes Gilbert, and Sir Thomas's daughter cemetery of Montparnasse on April 21, Joan was married to Wymond Raleigh im- 1869, where it now rests. mediately after her father's death. Various misstatements about her burial - M. H. DODDS. place were fully exposed by me in a letter THF- A* OF T H5> 5 iv ^07 Y : which appeared in The Referee of June 27, LEEDS (iZ fe. IX. 50 / X. 19Q9 WlLLOTJGHBY MAYCOCK. 56, 72). I am curious to know what kind of helmet has been granted to Leeds. Does it figure as a noble, a baronet or knight, or JoHN WESLEY s FIRST PUBLICATION as a mere esquire ? ST. SWITHIN. (* 2 S. x. 9). According to the Catalogue of Manuscripts, Relics . . . Books, &c., DANTE'S BEARD (12 S. ix. 271, 315, 378, I belonging to the Wesleyan Methodist Con- 436 ; x. 56). I do not think the idea of the^e ference,' published a few weeks ago, the being any connexion between the smoothness ; edition of John Wesley's work, ' The Chris - or the roughness of Dante's chin and his tian's Pattern,' published in 1735 (and mourning for Beatrice ever occurred to me, which your correspondent possesses) t is and I must have expressed myself very badly mentioned specifically as being the first for MR. T. PERCY ARMSTRONG to find such a edition. Later editions were issued in theory in my unimportant remarks. ! 1763 and 1815. ARCHIBALD SPARKE. I may as well take this opportunity of saying that, without believing Dante to be a ' BRITISH MELODIES ' (12 S. x. 48). In man of fashion, I thought it possible that the late Mr. Bertram Dobell's ' Catalogue some habit of the day in which he lived j o f Books printed for Private Circulation * might have had an influence on his use or dis- ! (London, 1906), this book is offered for sale use of the razor. I think the Greek sym- a t 4s. Qd. In a footnote Mr. Dobell says that bohsm, to which Mr. Armstrong refers, would though ' British Meolodies ' bears no date it hardly affect the artists who tried to portray ma y be pretty confidently ascribed to 1816 or the living human Dante. ST. SWITHIN. 1817, as it is printed on paper water -marked 1815. The pieces are well selected, only a BARON GRANT (12 S. x. 31, 75) SIR few of inferior merit being included. The ALFRED ROBBINS is not accurate in what he largest contributors are Byron, Wordsworth, says at the last reference. Carlo Pelle- j Scott> and M oore. I have looked in vain for gpinis cartoon of Albert Grant appeared the many orig inal pieces" the title page in Vanity Fair of Feb. 21 1874, but so ; promises . ARCHIBALD SPARKE. far as the distich is concerned it was neither WELSH MAP SOUGHT (B S x 32).-In that was printed under the cartoon was i reply to the latter part of MR L.C. PRICE'S simply the words Leicester Square." It ! q^there appeared an article in Archceo- is regrettable that contributors to 'N. & Q.,' W Cambrensis, vol. I860, signed J. E., ' t r Hosiallr . ., whoe readers naturally look for reliable ' ^M ty ^ ; r ' ^ Hospitallers in information, should not be at more pains , which gives information on the to verify the accuracy of what purport J* house *?&* h , 1C ,'1 ? * he -' to be categorical statements of fact, instead i The . own * r j ^ ^ te ^ olone f 1 Salusburv Mam- of trusting to their memories. i waring dilated in its antiquarian features w MAVPOPTT when Cambrian archaeologists visited the >CK - | place in 1911 (see Arch. Camb., 1912). ADAH ISAACS MENKEN'S ' INFELICIA ' ANETJRIN WILLIAMS. (12 S. x. 32, 79, 97). I am sorry to see that j MR. ROBERT PIERPOINT at the second " To BURN ONE'S BOATS " (12 S. viii. 210 ; reference perpetuates an inaccuracy by ix. 177 ; x. 79). Robert Guiscard, before the quoting a statement by Mr. G. R. Sim 5 * in j battle of Durazzo, October, 1081, proposes The Referee of Dec. 24, 1905, to the effect this measure : whether it was carried out that Adah Menken " is buried in the Jewish is not very clear (Gibbon, * D. & F. R. E./ portion of Pere Lachaise." leap. Ivi.). S.