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32 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 S.X.JAN-. 14,1922. RABBITS IN AUSTRALIA. Can any of the , moreover, a tendency to emphasize guttur- correspondents of ' N. & Q.' tell me when this : ally the vowel sounds following consonants, species was introduced to Australia ? Any | As a result the consonant values are authoritative figures as to its subsequent | weakened. Times =t-himes, paper =p -haper, increase and its present numbers would be I prayer = pr-hayer, Macarthy = Mac-Harthy, of interest. HUGH S. GLADSTONE. j and so on. In Spanish there seems to be a Capenoch, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire. similar tendency. The English tendency I is quite other. Consonant sounds are CIPHER ON ST. JAMES'S PALACE. On j stressed very clearly and distinctly (if some lead gutter-heads in the Friary Court somewhat thinly), which makes for the of St. James's Palace is the date 1696, ac- weakening of the vowel and half-vowel companied by the cipher A.R. Can any values, the dropping of the h. explanation be given of this curious col- j Might not the so-called Cockney lack location ? G. W. WALLACE. j o f control of the h be traced back to the I root factor, namely, the struggle for power THE BRIGHTON ATHEN^UM According ! over the aspirate between the Latin and to Toones Chr. Hist,, 11. 775, on Aug. | Teutonic influences in the E nglish 1 anguage ? 30, 1833, during a very violent storm, | In correct French the so-called aspirated h " ^ e . dom ?, *, th ? 1 P. righ . t ? n Athenaeum, ife now as mute as the h in whatf why and or Oriental Garden, fell in with a tremendous i where of modern English. But in Switzer- crash ; it was larger than the dome of St. land and m those parts of F rance nearer Peter s, at Rome, by 8,000 feet, and com- to German influences the aspirate is still very posed of between 400 and 500 tons of iron, guttural. This is also noticeable in the which broke into a thousand pieces; on beautiful French spoken by cultured Poles removing the scaffold, the immense weight and Russians was too much for the side supports." Where' fc it that ' the Celtic and Teutonic in- was this building ? fluences in English make for the main- JOHNB.WAINEWRIGHT. tenance of the aspiration, the Latin for PEDIGREES WANTED. Can any reader its elimination? Doxies apart, what is send me the pedigree of the families of the philologic law at work here ? I have (1) Dallas of Cantray, before 1745 ; (2) Rose inquired elsewhere with no satisfactory of Kilravock, before 1600; or supply any result. VALENTINE J. O'HARA. information about Caleb and William Authors' Club, London. Greville, who witnessed the marriage of Charles Egleton to Ann Edwards at St. JAMES HALES, the eldest son of Sir John George's, Hanover Square, on Aug. 3, 1790 ? Hales, Bart., by his second wife Helen, I should be glad to have communications daughter of Dudley Bagnal of Newry, sent direct. NORMAN SHAW. Ireland, is said to have been an officer in Custom House, Swatow, China. tne Emperor's service, and to have been killed in Italy in 1735. Further particulars ADAH ISAAC MENKEN'S ' INFELICIA.' of his career are desired, as well as the This small pocket volume of poems having place and full date of his death, a portrait frontispiece has acceptance of dedication by Charles Dickens in his neat calligraphy reproduced in facsimile, but bears THORESBY HARDRES, son of Sir Richard no printer's imprint, only the blank intima- Hardres, Bart., of Upper Hardres, Kent, tion, London, Paris, New York. i by Anne, daughter of Thomas Godfrey of Is there any means of ascertaining who Lydd, was at Westminster School in 1660. designed the exquisite head- and tail- pieces The dates of his birth and death and par- adorning the volume, likewise the vignette ticulars of his marriage are required, on the title page ? ANETJRIN WILLIAMS. G. F. K. B. Menai View, North Road, Carnarvon. WELSH MAP SOUGHT. I should be glad THE ENGLISH " H " : CELTIC, LATIN AND to know the name, date and publishers of GERMAN INFLUENCES. Some of your lin- the map or maps of Wales upon which guists might throw light on this matter, appear engravings of the following " Houses In the Irish pronunciation of English full without Chimnies," namely, Wynnstay, credit is given to the aspirate. There is, seat of the Wynnes ; Erddig, of the Yorks ;.