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416 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12 S.X.MAY 27, 1922. Fawleye, Fauley and, I suppose, Foley are different spellings of the name. There were Guillims there 1539-1610 at least. See ' Parish Registers of Fownhope ? Co. Hereford,' printed at the private press of Frederick Arthur Crisp, 1899. There were also families of Gwillim, (Gwilliam, Gillam, Gwyllim) at Llandinabo, Pencoyd and Harewood. In these parishes were also families named Brace. See ' The Register Books of Llandinabo, Pencoyd and Harewood in Co. Hereford,' transcribed by | J. H. Parry, B.A., 1900. The last page of j the old Parish Register of Fownhope con- ;' tains the following entries relating to the Parish of Fawley : Fawleye. Ano Dni 1543. Baptizati A prills 2. Johes filius Johis Gwyllym. Anno Dni 1610 Bapti/ati February 24. Johannes filius Guilielmi Gwillym. Fownhope. Anno Dni 1576. Batiz : Octobris 21. Johes Gwyllym. Fawley Chapel is marked on the reap in Richard Blome's 'Britannia' (1673). The following pedigree may be found of use: WILLIAM MILBURN (12 S. x. 189, 379). He served the E.I. Co. as purser from 1793/4 to 1800/1 in the following ships : the Boddam, Captain John Jones, on her third voyage to China, 1793/4 ; the Lord Marcartney, Cap- tain James Hay, on her sixth voyage to the Coast and Bay (Madras and Bengal), 1795/6 ; the V oodford, Captain James Martin, on her fourth voyage to Bombay, 1798/9 ; the Fort William, Captain Joseph Boulderson, on her sixth voyage to Bombay, 1800/1. See H. C. Hardy, ' A Register of Ships em- ployed in the Service of the Hon. United E.I. Co. from 1760 to 1810' (ed. 1811), pp. 164, 174, 199; 209. L. M. ANSTEY. MOZEEN (MUZEEN) FAMILY (12 S. X. 371). Mr. Edward Muzeen, son of the late- Mr. Muzeen (the latter of whom inherited Douthwaite Hall, near Kirby Moorside, Yorkshire, by marriage), died a week or two ago in London. The male line of thi& branch of the family thus becomes extinct. The late E. Muzeen' s father bred bloodstock on a small scale at Douthwaite Dale (locally I " Doo-thet- Deeal ") or Hall, which passed from the family some twenty years ago. J. FATRFAX-BLAKEBOROUGH. Grove House, Norton-on-Tees. HERALDS' VISITATION OF HEREFORDSHIRE, 1569. GUILLIM. David Glim of Lison [Lewson in = Llangarren. Lusson, Hail., 1545] I I John Glim of Faley in Co. = Hereford Johan., d. of Robert Poell of Whitcherch, Co. Hereford 1 John Glim = of Faley The son O.S., = Mary, d. John Burfield of Lyngell, ar. 1 I 1 Thomas 2nd sonne of King's Roger 3rd son William 4th son 1 Katkerine = Thomas Harp* Capel 1 1 [ i Blanche 2 Anne 3 Sybell 1 Jane, married to John Gwatkin mas, and heire, p. 1604 1 I Jone Jane Anne Mary Alyce Sybell E. M. GWATKIN. [Our correspondent kindly offers to lend MR. GILLMAN the Register-books mentioned if he should desire to see them.]

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