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12 S.X. JUNE 24, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 485 1853, aged 30 years. Also Jane, daughter of Joseph & Jane Finlinson, who died at Bedford on the 20th of May, 1855, aged 7 years. 114. 2 yds. w. from lOSonam.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Ann, wife of John Gillham, who died March 2, 1817, aged 66 years. " Affliction for long time I bore, Physicians wair in vain, Till God did please to give me ease, And free me from my pain." 115. Close to 114, s. from it on a m.ti.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Susanna Gillham, who departed j this life on the 17th of January, 1832, aged 48 I years. 116. Close to 115, s. from it on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Harriet Gilham,' who departed this life May 8th, 1836, aged 53 years. " With patience to the last she did submit, And murmur' d not at what the Lord saw fit, She with a constant courage did resign Her soul to God at His appointed time." 117. Close ro 116, s. from it on a s.u.s. ; w.f.w- In memory of Anr, the wife of Henry Knight, who died May 1st, 1721, aged 70 years. 118. Close to 117, s. from it on a s*i.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Henry, the son of Henry & Ann Knight, who died January 23, 1719, aged 32 yeais. 119. Close to 118, s. from it on a s.u.s. ; w.f.w., partly sunk in ground. In memory of Henry Knight, who died March 14th, 1715, aged 62 years. 120. 2ft. s. from 119 on a long ob. stone altar tomb. w. Here lieth ye body of William Knight,* who departed this life June ye 2 (?), 1759, in ye 6(0 ?) year of his age. s. Here lieth the body of Elizabeth, the wife of William Knight, who departed this life Nov. 18th, 1773, in the 72nd year of her age. e. & n. Blank. 121.^ 2yds. s.w. from 120 on a s.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of David, son of David & Sarah Oostick, who died May 16, 1855, aged 6 years. 122. 4Jyds. s. from 121, close to yew tree on a fi.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of William, the son of James & Eliz. Bailey, who died Dec. 20, 1803, Aged 33 years. " God, I own thy sentence just, And nature must decay ; I yield my body to the dust To dwell with fellow clay." DREW. 123.* 3yds. n.w. from 122 on a s.u.s.; w.f.w. William Wiseman, surgeon, died July the 12, 1782, aged 62. 124. Close to 123. n. from it on am. andb. u.s. ; w.f.w. Sacred to the memory of Catherine, relict of A. P. Manclarke, Esq, formerly of Pulham, in the county of Norfolk, who departed this life on the 16th of December, 1847, aged 79 years. 125. lyd. n.w. from 124 on a brick altar tomb with stone slab on top and stone tablets on s. and w. sides with insc. s. Underneath here lieth ye body of Elizabeth, ye wife of Robert Harris and daughter of William And Elizabeth Hornbuckle, who departed this life November ye 30th, 1750, aged 60 years. Off the other side of this tomb lieth the body of her sister. Ann Parker, and ten children. " The widows and the fatherless, They came to her in their distress ; The aged and the infants dear She gave them bread for many a year." w. In memory of Bobt. Harris.* He departed this life Octr. ye 4, 1738, in ye .6 year of his age. 126. 2ft. n. from 125 on a s.u.s.; w.f.w., portions of it all crumbled away. Memory of A ... o ... Thomas Eagle, ... life Dec. ... in the 28 . . . of her age. Mother & loving ... e ... "... care . . . ... B ..." 127. 4ins. n. from 126 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Ann, the wife of John Parker. She died November ye 14th, 1715, in ye 58 year of her age. Also of Elizabethf ye wife of John Eliott. She died June ye 18, 17(5 ?) 6, in ye 35th year of tier age. " The sting of Death has done with me, Christ my Redeemer has set me free ; The Blood that run free from his side H ... S ... of D ..." 128. Close to 127, n. from it on a m.u.s.; w.f.w. To the memory of William Parker, % late an Alderman of this Corporation, and one of the first preachers hi the Methodist Chapel in this town, who departed this life March 27, 1785, in the 8(8 ?) year of his age. 129. Close to 128, n. from it on a s.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Elizabeth ye wife of Edward Chapman, who died December ye 12, 1758, in ye 27 year of her age. 130. 3ins. n. from 129 on a s.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Leighton, who died March 6th, 177., aged 68 years. " My days I spent in labour pain, But . . . hope in Christ to Re ..." 131. lin. n. from 130 on a m. and broad u.s. ; w.f.w. Sacred to the memory of Susanna Sophia Augusta Holder, daughter of John Alleyne and S. S. G. Holder, who departed this life on the 1 1th of September, 1847, aged 12 years. " This lovely bud so young and fair, Call'd hence by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower In paradise would bloom." 132. IJyd. n.w. from 131 on a s.u.s. ; w.f.w., close to s. wall of s. aisle. In memory of John Maynard, who departed this life on the 12th of January, 1836, aged 83 years. Also of Ann Allen, sister to the above. 133. 2ins. s. from 132 on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Susanna, wife of John Maynard, who departed this life on the 1st of February, 1843, aged 62 years. "Be ye therefore ready also : for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not." 134. Close to 133, s. from it on a similar sized u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Susanna, wife of John Maynard, who departed this life on the 3rd

  • j 1759. William Knight, of the Parish St. Paul's,

was buried June 27.

  • 1738. Buried, Robert Harris, of St. Paul's,

Baker, Octr. 12th. t 1746. Buried, June 10, Eliz., wife of John Elliott. % 1786. William Parker, of St. Paul's Parish, buried Mch. 31.