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486 NOTES 'AND QUERIES. riaax.jraES4.wM. of March, 1841, aged 53 years. Also Henry Larkins Maynard, grandson of the above, born Deer. 8th, 1839, died Jany. 14th, 1840. 135. Close to 134, s. from it on a m.u.s. ; w.f.w. In memory of Elizth. Mennard, who died Nov. 22, 1792, aged 13 years. Also Dorothy, who died Dec. 21, 1792, aged 19 weeks. Also Ann,* who died March 28, 179(5?), aged 5 years, daughters of James and Eliz. Mennard. Four-lined verse almost perished. L. H. CHAMBERS. (To be continued.) NICOLAS SANDER AND THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUVAIN. IT has been asserted (e.g., by T. G. Law, in the * D.N.B.' ; by Joseph Gillow, in his ' Bibliographical Dictionary ' ; by the late Dona Norbert Birt, in The Downside Review, xxxiv., p. 192; by Lewis, in his edition of Sander's ' Anglican Schism,' p. xix. ; and by Mgr. A. S. Barnes in his recent mono- graph, ' Bishop Barlow and Anglican Orders,' p. 105) that Sander, during his residence at Louvain, which lasted from late in 1564 down to Jan. 28, 1571-2, became Regius Professor of Theology at the Uni- versity there. There was, however, no Regius Professor of Theology at that University. The Emperor Charles V. had founded a Regius Professorship of Holy Scripture and a Regius Professorship of Scholastics or Lectureship on the Sentences ; but it is certain that no Englishman held either of these Professorships before the Wykehamist Thomas Stapleton, sometime Prebendary of Chichester and D.D. of the University of Douay, was appointed to the former chair in 1590. Philip II. endowed a Regius Professor of Catechesis, and a Regius Censor Librorum ; but Sander did not occupy either of these positions. He was not, in fact, a Regius Professor of any kind. But perhaps he was a Professor of Theology simply, as asserted by Fr. J. H. Pollen, S.J., in the 'Catholic Encyclopaedia ' ? This also must be answered in the negative. There were at tliis time five ordinary professorships at the University, to which were annexed two ancient canonries, the parochial cure, and two more recent canonries, in the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in the City of Louvain. 1. The first professorship, to which was annexed the Canonry of the Altar of St. Andrew, was held from 1549 to 1570 by

  • 1795. March 30, Ann, daur. of James Maynard.

Josse (or Judocus or Jodacus) Ravesteyn, as to whom see the ' Catholic Encyclopaedia.* 2. Robert van Maelcote (Malcotius, b. 1533 or 1534, d. 1578) succeeded Jan Hessels in the second professorship, to which was annexed the Canonry of the Holy Ghost, on Nov. 22, 1566. He took the degree of ! S.T.P. at Louvain, June 1, 1568, and held his professorship till 1569, when he was succeeded by Jean de Lens (Lensaeus), b. at Belceil 1541, d. at Louvain, July 2, 1593. 3. The third professorship, to which was annexed the parochial cure, was held from 1559 to 1569 by Cunerus Petri, i.e., Kuner j Peeters, of Brouwershaven, who, on becoming j Bishop of Leeuwarden in 1569, was succeeded by Malcotius above mentioned. Cuneras Petri, who had taken the degree of S.T.P. at Louvain on Nov. 12, 1560, died in exile | at Cologne, aged 49, on Feb. 15, 1580, and | was buried in the Cathedral there at the I altar of the Holy Magi. 4. The fourth professorship, to which was (annexed the first canonry of the second ! foundation, was held by Thomas Gozaeus (? van der Goes), of Beaumont/in Hainault, from 1560 to 1570. He also had taken the degree of S.T.P. at Louvain on Nov. 12, 1560, and, dying at the Premonstratensian | Abbey of Parc-lez- Lou vain, March 8, 1571, | was buried in the Chapel of Savoy College, | of which he was the first President. He ! was succeeded by Joannes Molanus (sonTof ! Henry Vermeulen, of Schoenhove, a citizen of Louvain), who took the degree of S.T.P. at Louvain on Sept. 12, 1570, and died Sept. 18, 1585, being buried at the altar of i St. Agnes in St. Peter's. He is often con- j fused, as, for example, he was in the B.M. I Catalogue, until I called attention to the I error, with the later Joannes Molanus, author of the ' Idea Togatae Constantiae,' ! published at Paris in 1629, who was John ! Mullan of Cork. 5. The fifth professorship, to which was I annexed the second canonry of the second ! foundation, was obtained in 1561 by Cornelius Jansen of Hulst (b. 1510, d. 1576), ! who resigned it on becoming Bishop of Ghent in 1568, and was succeeded by one Cornelius Reiners of Gouda, who was suc- ceeded by Henri de Grave (Grevius, b. at Louvain 1536, d. at Rome April 2, 1591). So there is no room for Sander among the ordinary Professors of Theology at Louvain. My authority for most of the above particu- lars is the ' Fasti Academiei ' (2nd ed.,