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58 NOTES AND QUERIES. [i 2 s.x. JAN. 21, 1922. 1843-91. He died in 1891, in his 83rd year. 10. Edward Pugh, English miniature- painter and landscape draughtsman, was born in the second half of the eighteenth century. His works appeared at the Academy from 1793 to 1808. He illus- trated ' Modern London ' (1805) and ' Cam- bria Depicta ' (1816), and died at Ruthin in 1813. 11. Nicholas Pocock was born about the year 1741, and was the son of a Bristol merchant. He became captain of a merchant vessel and spent his leisure time in sketching. He became an original member of the Old Water Colour Society and was encouraged in art by Reynolds. He painted landscapes and marine subjects, and exhibited at the R,A.,B.I.,and O.W.C.S., 1782-1817. 12. Thomas Sewell Robins (not Robbins) was born in 1814. He was a member of the New Water Colour Society, and one of the original members of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours. He exhibited at the R.A., B.I., S.B.A., &c., .1829-79, chiefly landscapes and marine subjects. He died in 1880. 13. H. Randolph Rose specialized in figure subjects. He lived in London, and between 1880-93 exhibited at the R.A., Surrey Street and various other exhibitions. 16. John Thomas Serres, son of Dominic Serres, R.A., was born in London in 1759. He was taught drawing at the Chelsea Naval School, and later became draughts- man to the Admiralty. He married Miss Willmot, the soi-disant Princess of Cum- berland, who ruined him. He was a painter of marine subjects, and exhibited at the R.A., B.I., and S.B.A. from 1780-1825. He died in 1825 and was buried at Mary- lebone. 17. Edward Tucker of W olwicn ' painter of coast scenes. He exhibited at the R.A., B.I., and Surrey Street during 1849-1873. 18. B. B. Wadham of Liverpool. He exhibited landscapes at the R.A. and Surrey Street from 1871-1883. ARCHIBALD SPARKE. There are biographical notices of several of the painters about whom MR. T. CANN HUOHE^? inquires in the latest edition of Bryan's ' Dictionary of Painters and En- gravers.' These are as follows : - 3, J. D. Harding (1798-1863), vol. iii., p. 14. A very eminent and versatile artist, especially notable in water-colour. See also- the ' D.N.B.,' vol. viii., p. 1220. 6. R. T. Landells (1833-1877), vol. iii.,. p. 169. 8. R. H. Nibbs (c. 1815-1893), vol. iv., p. 17. 9. Cornelius Pearson (c. 1808-1891), vol. iv., p. 84. 11. N. Pocock (1741-1821), vol. iv., p. 137. 16. J. T. Serres (1759-1825), vol. v., p. 69. As regards some other names mentioned 1 1 note as follows : 1. Bernard Evans, R.I. A very ac- complished landscapist who was an exhibitor in London and the provinces for many years. In 1875 he was resident in London ; in 1912 at Harrogate. If now living he must be a veteran. I suggest inquiry of the secretary of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. 2. Ernest Griset. Flourished in the mid- I Victorian period as an illustrator. He had I an excellent knack, before the time of R. Caldecott,' in comical drawings of animals. .7. Paul Marny. From some drawings in gouache by this artist which "I have seen 1 should place him about the middle of last century. 10. E. Pugh. Ephraim Pugh was draw- | ing master at the Liverpool Mechanics' I Institution, which was opened in 1839. His pictures were not, I think, of high merit, but I have not seen any of them and

don't know any biographical particulars

further than that he was an exhibitor 1848-1876, and probably earlier and later. I If Mr. Hughes wishes to know more about I Pugh I shall be pleased to make inquiries. 17. E. Tucker. Perhaps a member of ! a family connected with the Lake District | which has produced several capable land- ! scapists. An inquiry might be addressed | to Mr. Arthur Tucker, R.B.A., Ashleigh, j Windermere. 18. B. B. Wadham. A Liverpool mid- Victorian painter of no great merit. He had two sons who were artists, one of whom exhibited under another name ; I think Sinclair. Mr. Hughes might usefully consult Mr. Algernon Graves' s ' Dictionary of the Royal Academy ' and the other analyses by that valuable antiquary. E. RlMBATJLT DlBDIN. G4, Huskisson Street, Liverpool. The f ollowing details may be of interest : 3. James Duffield Harding, born 1798, probably at Deptford, near London. He