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9" S.X. SEPT. 27, 1902.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


according to your heart's desire here, may he at last (and let that be late) minister an entrance unto you also abundantly into his own Kingdom, this King- dom of God. Whereunto," &c.

The preacher was Dr. Walter Raleigh. See ' Reliquiae Raleighanse,' p. 235 (ed. 1679).


HENRY HAWKINS, JESUIT. According to the ' D.N.B.' his works are :

4. The History of St. Elizabeth Collected from

various authors by N. A. Sine Idri, 1632. Dedicated to Lady Jerneghan.

6. The Life of St. Aldegunda. Paris, 1636. Under the initials H. H.

The latter book is not in the library of the British Museum, but the former is, and if the contributor to the ' D.N.B.' had taken the trouble to look at it he would have found that it was published under the initials H. A. and dedicated to Lady Mary Tonham.

According to Sommervogel, St. Aldegund's 1 Life ' was translated from the French of F. Binetti and published in Paris in 1632, which date is probably correct, because H. A. begins his preface to the reader by stating that he had lately translated the ' Life of St. Alde- gond.' "F. Binetti" is, however, probably an error for E. Binet. L. L. K.

CASANOVA. The current number of the North American Review contains a most interesting and valuable article on Casanova by Mr. Arthur Symons. It recapitulates the proofs that he wrote his own memoirs, and wrote them far better than we have them in thoroughly bad French and German translations. It adds quotations from the masses of unpublished Casanova MSS. at Dux. D.

[See 8 th S. viii., ix., x., xi., xii. pasnim.]


WE must request correspondents desiring infor- mation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that the answers may be addressed to them direct.

FYNES MORYSON'S ' ITINERARY.' I am about to publish the completion of Fynes Moryson's 'Itinerary,' never before printed. Fynes Moryson was born in 1566, being the third son of Thomas Moryson, of Cadeby, Lincoln- shire. There is ample information about his family connexions and his life. The date of his death and the place of his burial are, however, unknown, and I should be grateful for any information that would throw light on these points. Does any portrait of Fynes Moryson exist ? CHAS. HUGHES.

. The Gables, Singleton Road, Manchester.

SIR THOMAS HIGOINS. He was the Secre- tary of State to the Old Pretender in 1714 (not to be confounded with Sir Thomas Higgins, or Higgons, who died in 1691). Can any one kindly inform me if a portrait of him is in existence, and where it is to be seen ; also tell me the date of his birth and death 1 THOMAS TURNER.

Mill Hill Road, Norwich.

SIR ANTHONY JACKSON. Information is sought as to the parentage and residence of Sir Anthony Jackson, ana the names of his wife and children, if any. From Le Neve's list of knights he appears to have been a member of the Middle Temple, and to have been knighted by Charles II. at Breda in 1650. EDMUND T. BEWLEY.

Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin.

ST. EPIPHANIUS. Can any one give me information as to St. Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis, who died A.D. 403 ? M. H.

TENNYSON'S BAR. Can 'N. & Q.' supply information as to *the particular locality of the bar mentioned in Tennyson's*' Crossing the Bar ' ? Suggestion has been made that the bar at the entrance of Salcombe Harbour may be alluded to. (Rev.) H. HAWKINS.

23, Parkhurst Road, New Southgate.

[Surely no particular bar need have been necessary here, as in the case of Kingsley and other poets who refer to it.]

WESTPHALIE. What does the title Baron de Westphalie moan as applied to a Napoleonic general '. It is said that this title was given to General Jabras. Is anything known of his services ? J. J. ML.

" Quiz," JUNIOR. Who was he ? He appears on the title-page of a thin post 8vo of 72 pp., full title being "The Companion to 'Sketches of Young Ladies,' Characteristic Sketches of Young Gentlemen. By * Quiz,' Junior. The Whole interspersed with various Friendly Hints and Useful Suggestions. London, pub- lished for the Author by William Kidd, 7, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden." No date. XYLOGRAPHER.

THE RED HAND OF IRELAND. Can any reader tell me if the origin of this celebrated heraldic emblem can be attributed with more than legendary notions to any particular member of the O'Neill family ? An interest- ing article in the Jowrnal de Bruxelles of 21 August (supplement), signed by " Guigka " [a pseudonym), throws more than usual light on this subject, and attributes the heroic Feat of the cutting off the hand to one MacNeill, who thus conquers the island of