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NOTES AND QUERIES. [9< s. x. OCT. 4, 1902.

WE must request correspondents desiring infor- mation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that the answers may be addressed to them direct.

LADY WHITMORE. Can any correspondent tell me who the Lady Whitmore was whose portrait is amongst the beauties at Hampton Court? I find that in my remarks on the subject of Anglo-Spanish intercourse during the Seicento, a propos of Zurbaran's portrait of Elizabeth Whitmore, Lady Weld of Willye (ante, p. 207), I omitted to mention the coinci- dences between Shakespeare's ' Henry VIII.' and Calderon's 'La Cisma de Inglaterra.' These include a reference to the tax upon beards payable in Henry VIII. 's reign ; to the fact that Wolsey was not buried in the chapel he was building for his tomb at Windsor, now, of course, the Albert Memorial Chapel ; and to the ball at which Henry VIII. met Anne Boleyn. Calderon also knew that the Lord Mayor and citizens of London were present at the . proclamation of sovereigns, and that the Tower of London could be seen from Greenwich Palace. Jane Seymour is one of the characters. In ' El Sitio de Breda ' Sir Charles Morgan, governor of the town, arid colonel of the 1st Royal Scots Regiment, is introduced as one of the interlocutors. As Calderon's best critics have observed, there is nowhere any statement to be found that he knew English or had been in England, an yet his knowledge of English affairs exhibits an accuracy which shows that he must have had access to singularly good sources of information, including, possibly, to gome memoirs of Henry VIII.'s time not yet published.

Since iny query appeared as to the Zur- baran portrait, which I was once told was Elizabeth, Lady Whitmore, I have discovered that Elizabeth Acton, daughter of Sir Ihomas Acton, of Acton, Salop, married Sir Inoinas Whitmore, first baronet of Aplev, Salop, about 1635 ; but I do not think the connexion of the Acton family with the Con- tinent goes back so far as the seventeenth century. Possibly the Hampton Court Lady Whitmore was her daughter-in-law, though I u ee ^ ha ^ the C T hron icles of Hampton Court' by Mr. Ernest Law, calls her a Miss Brooke, and sister of Lady Denham, the wife of the famous poet. In that case I am unable to trace her husband. 2

'NEW JERSEY ARCHIVES.' -Where can I consult the set of volumes known as ' New

Jersey Archives'? They are neither in the British Museum nor the Guildhall Library. Do you know if they are in any London library? They are quoted in the ninth edition of the ' Encyclopaedia Britannica,' art. 'New Jersey.' M. LEVY.

REFERENCES WANTED. The references of the following quotations are desired :

1. The birds awoke her with their morning song.

Sat making baskets his three sons among, Who learned their father's art and learned his song.

2. The old man clogs our earliest years, And simple childhood comes at last.

3. Who ne'er his bread in sorrow ate,

He knows you not, you Heavenly Powers.

4. Measure thy life by loss instead of gain ;

Not by the wine drunk, but by the wine poured forth.

5. Here, and here alone,

Is given thee to suffer for God's sake.

6. There fell a flute when Ganymede went up.

E. G.

[3. This quotation is from a well-known quatrain of Goethe's beginning " Wer nie sein Brot."]

BYRON TRANSLATIONS. Will any of your readers oblige me by informing me if there are translations of any of Byron's poems in poetry or prose in any other languages. European or Oriental, than the following, of which there are copies in the British Museum Library? French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Bohemian, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Roumanian, Swedish, Hebrew, International language, Armenian, Romaic, Servian.


Travellers' Club.

ACHILL ISLAND. Where can be found an account of the ruined keep or castle on Achill Sound called Kildomnet Castle, the residence at some time or other of the " female pirate " Grace O'Malley ? J. HARRIS STONE.

THE BROOCH OF LORN. Can any of your readers kindly inform me of the existence of a pamphlet on Robert the Bruce, alleged to have been published some two hundred years ago, to which is appended a history of the Brooch of Lorn? I shall be glad to hear from any of your correspondents who can throw light on the matter.


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- Heath married and had issue (1) George

Heath, of whom presently ; (2) William

Heath, said to have been a bookseller at