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. XL JUNK 20,

BOOKSELLERS' CATALOGUES. A REMARKABLE catalogue is issued by Messrs. Heifer & Sons, of Cambridge, not only as regards the rarity of special items, but as illustrating the prices now demanded for books published, as it were, but yesterday. Works by Barham and Gil- bert h Beckett owe their prices to exceptionally fine condition and to the illustrations. Beckford's ' Azemia' is, as is said, very little known. Twenty- six pounds seems, however, a record price for ' Lorna Doone,' while ' Life, a Drama,' by Borrow, consisting of the proof-sheets of what was sub- sequently called ' Lavengro,' with new readings, is, presumably, unique. Mrs. Browning's ' Essay on Mind, and other Poems,' is quoted at 14. 14s. An autograph letter of Robert Browning is character- istic in many respects, and casts some light upon his religious disposition. A Cowper item, with a slight correction in the poet's autograph, is marked 111. A series of Cruikshanks follow, as do Dickens's 'Child's History of England,' a presentation, with an autograph letter, price 181. 18s. ; a collection of the ' Christmas Books, first editions ; and Kelmscott Press books, culminating in the Chaucer, price 90., and comprising, naturally, many of Morris's own works. A Rossetti of 1870, with the holograph MS. of 'Aspecta Medusa,' and a small MS. poem, attracts attention. A complete set of first editions of the Waverley Novels is priced 94. There are some early Shelleys, Swinburnes, and Tennysons, and a long series of Thackerays, including a leaf out of a sketch-book, reprinted by Emily Faithful!, priced 70 guineas. Among older books are a folio ^Esop (Basle, 1501), with the same illustrations as the Augsburg edition : a twelfth-century illumi- nated edition of the Vulgate on vellum ; a first Burton's 'Anatomy of Melancholy,' and a first edition of the celebrated Botticelli Dante, 1481. A hornbook of the seventeenth century will attract much attention, such things in satisfactory con- dition being now rarities. An original holograph sonnet of Lamb may be commended to the attention of Mr. Lucas for his new edition of the Lambs. A copy of the last essays of Elia is priced 25 guineas, and a ' Poems of Landor,' 1795, 30J. A fine and tall copy of the ' Nuremberg Chronicle,' Nuremberg, 1493, is priced SQL A first edition of 'Tristram Shandy,' with three autographs of Sterne, seems cheap at less than a pound a volume. Some Stevenson items open out new ideas to col- lectors.

Messrs. Charles King, of Torquay, send a variety of catalogues of recent appearance, whereof one consists of books on Africa, Australasia, China and Japan, Palestine, Turkey, c. ; a second, in con- secutive parts, of Americana. Blended with these are a few ' Random Pickings.'

Side by side with his more important catalogues Mr. Voynich, of Soho Square, issues shorter cata- logues, of which the second now appears. Though of less extreme rarity, the books mentioned are mostly scarce and curious, including herbals, romances, and even incunabula. We can scarcely imagine catalogues in which the collector may rummage with more chance of success. Our own explorations are rewarded by the discovery of a copy, on blue paper, of the ' Celestina ' of F. de Rojas, Venice, 1553, which we suspect to be unique. It is in Italian and Spanish. Many Italian editions of this longest of tragi-comedies were published, and most of them are rare. Early Dantes and

Boccaccios also attract observation. Some vellum- printed works are offered at low prices.

The catalogue of Messrs. Jaggard & Co., of Liver- pool, is curious chiefly as representing a specially large stock of works in most general demand, drawn from local collections, and not having passed through the London market. It includes a Cotgrave's ' Dictionary,' French and English, which is desirable to the student of early French or Tudor English ; and a Voltaire's ' (Euvres,' in 70 vols., 1785, priced 13/. 13s., which should be worth attention, since in France it sells for ten times that sum. There is also a Spenser's ' Faerie Queene,' 1596, the price of which, 20 guineas, seems tempting.

Mr. Wm. Downing, of Birmingham, sends several catalogues, in which may be traced first editions of Charles Lever, with the illustrative designs by Rowlandson, Phiz, Cruikshank, and others. Many of the lighter productions of the early Victorian age are named. We note ' Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities,' and other of Surtees's sporting works ; a finely bound first edition of Rossetti's ' Poems ' ; a complete set of the Villon Society's publications ; and Sander's great work on 'Orchids,' 4 vols., folio.

Messrs. Fawn & Son, of Bristol, catalogue some good topographical works, having principally to do with the West of England ; some illustrations by Rowlandson and others ; and some of Sorrow's works in early editions.

Messrs. Jarrold & Sons, of Norwich, are issuing details of their rebuilding sale. As their large stock must be sold, the catalogue offers temptations.

Mr. James Miles, of Leeds, advertises Pyne's ' Royal Residences ' ; a good set of large - type Waverley Novels ; and many works in local topo- graphy, including Whitaker and Thoresby, Orme- rod's ' Chester,' &c. There is also a long list of miscellaneous literature.

Another catalogue of Messrs. H. Young & Sons, of Liverpool, has a fine edition of Sowerby's ' Botany ' ; one of Bentham and Hooker's ' Genera Plantarum ' ; a Nash's ' Worcestershire ' ; an early 'Pilgrim's Progress'; a St. Jerome's 'Lives of the Saints ' (Koburger, 1478) ; a Watson's ' Memoirs of the Earls of Warren and Surrey'; a Guillim's ' Heraldry,' best edition, fine copy ; Clutterbuck's 'Hertford'; an extra-illustrated 'Life of Ken'; some interesting MSS. ; a capital likeness of Sally Booth ; and a set of portraits and engravings.

From their Southampton establishment Messrs. H. M. Gilbert & Son, booksellers to the Royal Yacht Squadron, will shortly issue a Catalogue of Naval Books and Engravings, including many scarce and interesting prints and a representative collection of books on naval architecture, also yachts and yachting.

$0iicrs io &0msp0tt touts .

We must call special attention to the following notices :

ON all communications must be written the name and address of the sender, not necessarily for pub- lication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

C. H. R. ("Tomohrit"). Mr. Churton Collins in his annotated edition of Tennyson's ' Early Poems ' says : " Tomohr, Tomorit, or Tomohritt is a lofty mountain in Albania not far from Elbassan."

ERRATUM. Ante, p. 471, col. 1, 1. 11, for " Pen- rin in Gower " read Penrice.