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I. —Intention and Enlistment—Mustered into the United States Service—Election of Field Officers—Departure from Pittsburgh on Steamboats—On the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers—Arrived at Algiers, opposite New Orleans—Encampment on the Old Battle-field of Gen. Jackson's Achievement—Embarkation on Ships for the Seat of War—Arrived at Brazos Santiago—Left that place for Island of Lobos—Arrival—Started for Anton Lizardo—Arrival at Anton Lizardo—Preparing to Land. 11
II. —Landing below Vera Cruz—Storming the Sand-hills—Surrounding the City—Col. Harney's Dragoon Fight—Bombardment of the City—Articles of Agreement to Surrender Vera Cruz—Mexican Army Marching out and Stacking their Arms—First Visit to the City—Inspection of the Forts—Our Army of 10,000 Men leaving for the Capital of Mexico—Toilsome Marching—Arrival at Plan Del Rio—Gen. Twiggs Meets the Enemy—Preparing to Storm the Heights—He is Ordered to take Possession of a Hill—Gen. Scott's General Order No. III to attack Cerro Gordo. 67
III. —Battle of Cerro Gordo—Victory Complete—Routing of the Enemy in all Directions—Capture of 5,000 Prisoners, 43 pieces of Artillery, some Bronze, over 5,000 Stand of Arms, no end of Ammunition, Provisions &c., over $50,000 in Specie, Santa Anna's Private Carriage, Cork Leg; also his Saddle—Following the Flying Enemy—Capture of Jalapa City—Perote Castle and Pueblo City—Arrival and Camp near Jalapa—Arrival of Gen. Scott at Perote Castle—The Castle a Political Prison—Battle of Las Vegas—Preparing to leave Perote. 122
IV. —Gen. George Cadwalader Arrived at Perote—Left Perote and Arrived at Tepegahualco or Zempollan—El Pinol Pass—Arrival at Pueblo City—The Great Catholic Cathedral—Attend Church—The Power of the Church and its Subjects—Ancient City of Cholula—Number of Churches—"The Leg I Left Behind Me." 194
V. —Gen. Scott's Army left Pueblo for City of Mexico—Much Discontentment—A Gala Day for Those who Went—Murderous Outrage—Good News from Gen. Scott—"So Far Victorious"—Mule Fight, 14 Men Killed—Revolution of Hidalgo—Gen. Rea Issues a Proclamation—Col. Childs and Gen. Rea Meet to Exchange Prisoners—Exciting News from Guadaloupe Heights—Revolution of Hidalgo in 1810. 244