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VI. —Siege of Pueblo—American Forces, 384 Men; Mexican Forces, from 2,000 to sometimes 8,000 Strong—Dispatches from Gen. Scott—He is Victorious in all his Engagements in the Valley—Capture of the Capital of Mexico, September 14, 1847—Great Excitement and Joy among the Troops—Volunteered to go on Picket Duty—Hot Firing—Gen. Santa Anna Arrived at the Outskirts of the City of Pueblo—He Demands the Surrender of the American Forces at Pueblo—Col. Childs', our Military and Civil Governor, most Emphatic Refusal to Surrender—Twenty-sixth Anniversary of Agustus Iturbida of Mexican Independence—Gen. Santa Anna Makes Several Desperate Attempts to Drive our Forces out of Pueblo; but, as usual, Defeated in each Attempt—Gen. Santa Anna leaves Pueblo to Meet Gen. Lane's Forces-Ringing of Church Bells and Firing of Rockets—Gen. Lane, with 1,500 Men, arrives at Pueblo—Great Rejoicing among our Men—The Enemy are Driven Out—Death of Capt. Samuel H. Walker. 284
VII. —Gen. Lane's Number of Reinforcements—List of Killed and Wounded During the Siege—Gen. Lane Issues his Proclamation for the Citizens to Open their Stores—Gen. Lane in Hot Pursuit of Santa Anna and Padre Jaurote—Execution of Mr. Leonard—Charging upon our Quartermaster's Warehouse, Stored with Tobacco—Left Pueblo to Escort a Train to Vera Cruz—Numbers of Priests—People Held in Ignorance in Small Towns—My Knapsack Stolen—Arrived on the Old Battle-field of Cerro Gordo—Arrival of Gen. Patterson's Forces—Camp at Jalapa—Execution of two American Teamsters and two Mexican Officers—Capt. Small leaves us to take his Seat in the State Senate—Arrived back to Pueblo City—Remain for Awhile. 353
VIII. —Compelled to Stay in Pueblo—The Catholic Religion—What it Used to Cost to Sustain It—Arrival of Gen. Wm. O. Butler—Train from Vera Cruz—Left Pueblo—Arrival at Rio Frio—The Deep Cut to Drain the City of Mexico—El Penon Pass—Arrived in the City—Saw Enough Greasers to Drive Out our Army—Camp at San Angel—A Christmas in the City—Scandalous Action of the Secular Clergy in Mexico—City of Mexico the Metropolic Capital of Mexico. 401
IX. —Bull Fights in Mexico—Visit to the Castle Chapultepec—Alameda Park—The Cypress Trees—The Catholic Cathedral: its Dimensions, its Idols, Wealth, &c.—The Song of "Derry Down"—Tlascalla City and its Ancient History—The Removal of Gen. Scott from his Victorious Army—Gen. Wm. O. Butler Appointed in his Place—Excitement Amongst the Soldiers—The Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, freeing them from the Spanish Rule—Gen. Winfield Scott's Letter of Grievance to the Secretary of War, Hon. Wm. L. Marcy. 446