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This afternoon I took a walk around, and visited different companies' quarters. They all speak in the highest praise of their elegant quarters, and are wondering how long Uncle Sam will let them remain here.

Tuesday May 11, 1847.—This morning, sure enough, commenced reveille; squad drill at 8 o'clock, company drill at 4 o'clock, p.m., dress-parade at 6 o'clock, p.m. We are now acting and drilling under the regular Scott tactics. It is healthy exercise, and gives the men an appetite.

This evening it is again rumored (and it seems to come from good authority) that Gen. Santa Anna, with about six thousand men, is strongly entrenched at a small town called Amozoquco, about ten miles on this side of Puebla. Santa Anna boasts that he is going to give Gen. Scott some trouble before he (Scott) gets much further into his (Santa Anna's) country. I don't think there will be any danger to prevent our side from coming out victorious. As Gen. Worth, who is now in our advance, has got, I think, three batteries, commanded by Col. Duncan, Capt. Steptoes and Bonneville, well supplied with grape, canister, shell and round shots, and about three thousand infantry and six hundred dragoons, under Col. W. S. Harney, who would sooner fight than eat.

Nothing else of importance transpired to-day.

Wednesday, May 12, 1847.—This morning, as usual, nothing but drilling, with no encouragement on my part, having the toothache, which is one of the most painful complaints that a person can have. There are people who would willingly give a large sum of money to anyone who should discover a speedy and certain cure for it.

This evening I had a talk with Don Jose, Assistant Superintendent of the Castle de Perote. He tells me that this castle is now used for the temporary storage of valuable property previous to its shipment from Vera Cruz; and also as a place of safety for military and political prisoners, of which I will write more hereafter.