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First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers; Samuel W. Black, of Pittsburgh, for Lieut.-Colonel, and Francis L. Bowman, of Wilkesbarre, for Major. To-night a party of rowdy soldiers holloaed and hurrahed for Wynkoop, of Pottsville, for Colonel. To-morrow will tell who is who. Good-night.

Friday, December 18, 1846.—This morning the soldiers were nearly all up by daylight getting themselves ready for the election for field officers of our regiment.

Our company, (C) will try their utmost efforts to elect Capt. William F. Small to the rank of Colonel of the First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, and if not elected, that Captain and his friends are willing to submit to the majority.

At 10 o'clock, A. M., the election polls were opened, and generally, like at all other elections, fighting and knocking one another down was the order of the day. Some of our company fought like bull dogs if anyone said aught against Capt. Small. The row was kept up by the different parties concerned nearly the whole day.

In the evening at 6 o'clock the polls were closed, and there was a good deal of excitement going on while the votes were counted off, and everything appeared to look favorable for the election of Capt. Wm. F. Small to the Colonelship. This was the opinion of the majority of the officers, as well as the soldiers, who seemed to know something, but to our sad disappointment, when the official returns were read off it resulted in the choice of Francis M. Wynkoop, of Pottsville, for Colonel; Samuel W. Black, of Pittsburgh, for Lieut.-Colonel; Francis L. Bowman, of Wilkesbarre, Major; and Alexander Brown, of Philadelphia, appointed Adjutant of the regiment. The election of Wynkoop and Bowman causes great rejoicing among the country soldiers. About 10 o'clock this evening the officers elected were serenaded and made speeches suitable for the times, and Capt. Small was also called upon and said that he was not disheartened on account of his defeat, that he felt proud of the complimentary votes he received, and that he was going with his company and help to fight the battles in