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20th insts., and that our army was victorious in all these battles, defeating and routing Gen. Santa Anna's army in all directions. Friends should have seen the joy, enthusiasm, and shaking of hands, throwing their caps up in the air, shouting and lifting high hosannas to freedom's triumphs. The news was soon spread among the rest of the men.

Wednesday, August 25, 1847.—This morning I find the soldiers still much rejoiced over the glorious news from Gen. Scott at the capital. The victory of our army before the capital has saved our little band from being massacred or driven to the Gulf of Mexico.

During the day several squads of our men went from one quarters to another, giving cheers for Gen, Scott and our army; yet, at the same time, we could not forget Gen. Scott for not letting us participate in those glorious victories, but we may (as Gen. Scott said) have enough of fighting to do here in this city before the war is over, and be in as grand a battle-scene as in the city of Mexico or valley. Time will tell. Our communication to Perote Castle and Vera Cruz is now cut off, and, like the first conqueror, Cortez, we will either have to fight our way through or die in this tierres calientes.

The Mexicans were thunderstruck when they heard the news from the city of Mexico. They boasted that our army would be defeated before the capital. They don't know what to think of it; it has quieted them down, and they have little to say.

This afternoon news arrived in this city that Gen. Patterson had a fight at our old battle-ground, Cerro Gordo Pass, with the guerillas, defeating them, and marched on to Jalapa City, and there encamped for the present, We all hope the report may be true; but we have poor hopes of it being true—in fact, our officers have no information of any train being under the command of Gen. Robert Patterson. Ever since the battle of Cerro Gordo I thought very little gf Gen. Patterson as a general, yet I hope, since he has been home to recruit his health and strength, that he also may have recruited himself