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Black formed a company of men and marched to the plaza, right in front of the bishop's palace, and there demanded the release of our sick men, or else we would blow up the Cathedral. The bishop told Col. Black to retreat to quarters, and he would see that our men were safely delivered as soon as the mob had dispersed. So our men marched back to their quarters, and sure enough, it was not long afterwards, news reached us that the guerillas were dashing into the plaza and were again trying to get hold of our sick men, but the citizens and women particularly, prevented the guerillas from taking our men; hearing of this second outrage we were again formed into line and marched to the plaza; the street at this time was full of greasers, and we expected to have a fight with them.

As soon as we arrived at the Cathedral we instantly surrounded it, and Col. Black ordered that the doors be opened, if not, he would burst them open, they were not opened, so orders were given, and we burst open the doors and relieved our men who were prisoners and marched them up to Gov. Childs' headquarters, where they received a severe reprimand.

Our men whom we left in their quarters when we went after our men were quite surprised to see us come back without having a fight with the guerillas, as the streets were full of them.

In the evening. Gov. Childs received a letter from Gen. Rea, stating that he had several American prisoners, including three officers, whom he would willingly exchange for some Mexican prisoners who are in our possession; but Gov. Childs could not agree to Gen Rea's proposition. It seems that Gen. Rea wanted the Mexican prisoners released first, but Gov. Childs couldn't see it in that light, and of course there was no exchange.

About an hour or so afterward Gen. Rea issued a proclamation to the citizens of Puebla. He states his grievances in failing to exchange prisoners, or to come to any terms with the Yankee Governor; that he was about to make an effort to