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his musket to the enemy, making an excuse that the enemy crept up behind him and took it from him; for this he was put in the guard-house, from which, in a few days afterwards, he made good his escape; he also says that the enemy had him employed nearly all the time in carrying corn, barley, etc.; and while the Mexican sentinels were talking to one another he made an excuse in going out for to hunt wood, and while the sentinels were still busy in talking, he watched his chance and made his escape through a corn-field which was close by; and he says that there are about fifteen deserters from our army among them, mostly Irish; God help them if we should ever get hold of them; he says that there are about one thousand lancers and guerillas at El Pinal Pass, waiting for the coming train. Considerable firing upon our picket to-night. Siege of Puebla City commenced from this day September 14, 1847.

Tuesday, September 14, 1847.—This morning there was considerable of a fuss between Jack Wells and Peter Ahl, both belonging to our company, about some trifling affair, and were about coming to blows when Mr. Jerry Corson, our arbitrator, rushed in between them and stopped it, wanting to know the cause of the fuss; they both stated their grievances, and he told them that they should be ashamed of themselves to quarrel about so trifling affair, that they should both go to their respective bunks and keep quiet. Whatever Jerry says is gospel, for he is our peacemaker and decides all questions or disputes in our company.

About 8 o'clock, a.m., we saw the lancers manœuvring about the field and drilling; the road is full of lancers riding backward and forward in great bustle.

This afternoon our spies came in and reported that the Mexicans would attack our quarters to-night, or in the morning. Having heard this report so often we place little dependence in it; yet they may make the often attempted attack, for they are constantly drilling and recruiting. Our communication with the plaza and Alcalda is now entirely cut