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off. So the "diarrœa blues" and "hospital rangers" will have to lookout for themselves in the future.

In the evening Gov. Childs had two of Capt. Pedro Arria's spy company bucked and gagged for stealing a rifle; they were both under the influence of liquor.

To-night Lieut.-Col. Black ordered us all upon the ramparts to keep a sharp eye on the enemy. The Governor fearing an attack on our quarters, our pickets were doubled on all the posts.

Wednesday, September 15, 1847.—This morning, about two o'clock, we were aroused from our slumber on the ramparts, by a tremendous firing of musketry, volley after volley rent the air. We were on our feet with our guns cocked and primed and in good fighting order, waiting for the enemy to come, but they did not come. The cause of the firing was that several hundred lancers had charged upon our picket-guard, but failed to drive them from their posts.

At daylight we saw the lancers gathering in the Tivola Garden, commencing to shout and fire with vigor, and they seemed to be full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Lieut. Laidley, of the Ordnance Department, placed the howitzer in position; after which he threw a bomb shell right in among them, which caused a little scatter. But they soon blew the trumpet to arms, and again appeared in the Tivola Garden, waving their swords and lances in the air, when suddenly, Lieut. Laidley with his howitzer company, fired two bombs, both exploding in their midst; then you should have seen the excitement, and the would-be gallant lancers vamose (and cut dirt and dust). But they soon again appeared at the opposite side of the Tivola Garden, blowing the charge at a furious rate.

Word was now sent to Fort Loretto to open her two twelve pounders on the city. The first shot struck our hospital, our gunner mistook our men for Mexican greasers on the roof. After this blunder was found out, our men threw fire-bombs right into the main plaza, which had the effect to silence the Mexicans for the day.