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Towards evening we left the ramparts, fully convinced that the enemy had changed their programme from a charge to a retreat.

I regret to say that a nice little boy who was waiting on Col. Ramsey, of the Eleventh Regiment, like many others, when his regiment, the First, marched on to the city of Mexico, was left here sick, was shot through the leg while crossing the street. He cried bitterly, and wanted to see his papa and mamma.

To-night Col. Black came to our quarters and ordered about fifty men up on the ramparts to watch the movements of the enemy. He thinks this retreat was only a sham to throw us off our guard. It rained hard at the time, which, of course, made it anything but comfortable for the men to lay on the ramparts without any shelter to protect them from the torrents of rain. Yet the men seemed to take it all cheerfully; not a growl or murmur was heard among them.

Twelve o'clock, night.—The Mexicans commence heavy firing on our pickets and quarters. This shows that they have not left the city. Our men are returning the compliment, and letting them know that we are still about.

Saturday, October 9, 1847.—This morning Lieut.-Col. Black came to our quarters and asked those who were not on active duty to go on guard, as the firing was very heavy, and fearing that the enemy, on account of it raining, might make an attack, and drive in some of our pickets. He said that he was fully aware that we were nearly all done out, and to do this for his sake; which orders were obeyed. It rained fearfully, yet the enemy kept up a constant firing, but doing little or no damage.

About 10 o'clock, a.m., another flag of truce came into Gov. Child's quarters, asking Gov. Childs to cease firing and hostilities for three days, as the Archbishop of Puebla was dead, that they were going to hold high mass, and other religious ceremonies over him, and wishing no firing on either side during that time. We cheerfully accepted the ceasing of