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Samuel Fryer, Co. K, First Reg't Penna. Vol., killed.
Capt. John Herron, Co. K, " " wounded.
Thomas B. Furman, Co. K, " " "
A. E. Marshall, Co. K, " " "
W. C. Winelriddle, Co. K, " " "
Thomas B. Thornbury. " " "
R. Reed, Co. K, " " "
Samuel Sloop, Co. K, " " "
Charles W. Blakeman, " " "
James S. Nagley, Co. K " " "
John H. Burgess, Voltiguer Rifleman, killed.
Capt. John Mose, Spy Company, wounded, since "
David Ricketts, Co. F, Rifleman, wounded.
Lieut. Williams, South Carolina Reg't, "
Private Cornwell, Second Dragoons, "
"Smith, Rifleman, killed.
Josiah Blair, Mounted Rifleman, Co. D, wounded.
Private Campbell, Co. B, Rifleman, "
Eli Stewart, Co. D, Third Dragoons, "
Lieut. McKeer, Second Reg't Penna. Vol., "
A. B. Duncan, Quartermaster's Department, "
Dr. Bronaugh, Baltimore Battalion, "
Wm. Waddel," "
Sergt. Wm. Deal, Second Reg't Penna. Vol., "
John Biers,"" "
Wm. Johnson, "" "
Wm. Curry, Second U. S. Artillery, "
Wm. Patterson, Co. E, Second Artillery, "
Private Newton, Co. E, Fourth Artillery, "
John H. Rowney, Co. K, Second Artillery, "
Thomas Russell, Second Reg't Dragoons, "
J. P. Hardy, Co. G, Voltiguer Reg't, "
David Ryan, Musician, "
James Wilkner, Musician, "
Lieut. Speery, Second Reg't Penna. Vol., killed.
Twelve others, whose names I could not get, "
Adolphus Wengierski, Private Secretary and interpreter to Col. Childs, wounded.