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we were in this building we were compelled to leave it on account of so many fleas. Good-bye, fleas.

Tuesday, November 9, 1847.—This morning, Col. Wynkoop was made Governor of Jalapa City; he immediately issued orders for dress parade every evening and roll call, etc.

To-day the mail was distributed among the lucky ones. I received one letter from Henry Strunk.

In the afternoon, there was a considerable fuss raised in our quarters about some horses being taken from the Mexicans. The Mexicans wanted to search our quarters for the lost horses, but our fellows would not submit to it and soon turned them out of our quarters, well satisfied to go without the horses.

Wednesday, November 10, 1847.—This morning, we received clothing from the Quartermaster and all old soldiers got a full suit from head to foot. This being the first regular clothing we drew since we have been in the United States service, and I assure you we all stood much in need thereof It now being nearly a year since we were in service, and if it was not for the clothing we captur from the Mexicans one-half of our army would have to go naked. Oh, how good care our Government is taking of her noble sons, now fighting the bloody Mexicans. Every member of the head of our Government, from the President down, ought to be made a present of a leather medal for their faithful performance in providing for the confort and welfare of her sons.

At noon, the advance of another train came in town and reported that it is encamped at Encero.

To-night, several soldiers came down from Perote Castle and reported a large train coming from the city of Mexico.

Thursday, November 11, 1847.—This morning, the train from the city of Mexico, on its way to Vera Cruz, passed around Jalapa City, on its way to Encero, there to camp for the night. In the meanwhile the train from Vera Cruz came into town and everything was bustle and confusion in the city; the train from Vera Cruz is ordered out to the camp-ground. While the train from the city of Mexico was passing around Jalapa, Gen.