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been for the officers interfering there would have been a very ugly time among the New Yorkers.

To-day John F. Staunton, of Co. F, was appointed to act as Sergeant-Major of our regiment.

Tuesday, January 4, 1848.—This morning it is perfectly delightful, with the temperature at some degree of comfort and pleasure.

My friend Alburtus Welsh and myself took up our blankets and started for the polque grove, where we selected a suitable spot, and spread our blankets over the tops of the polque branches to keep the sun off our devoted heads. Here we sat and spent our time in writing letters for nearly three hours; one of these letters was to my parents.

Wednesday, January 5, 1848.—This morning, after breakfast, I started for the city. There I saw some of the Eleventh Regiment soldiers, Capt. Irwin's company, from Lewistown, Pa. They informed me that, within several weeks past, quite a large number of American soldiers, encamped around their camp, had deserted from the regular army in the city of Mexico, and had scattered throughout the country, intending to stay here. But if our army comes in contact with any of them on our next march they will be dealt with worse than the thirty-two that were caught in the valley, and all hung from the wagons. I fear they will receive no quarters from us, as we would rather draw the lead upon the deserters than the enemy. They tell me there are still midnight assassinations going on, in and about the city of Mexico; and I fear it will not cease as long as our army remains in this country. After which I paid a visit to the markets, and I was astonished to see how regularly everything was done. I first entered the beef market, where everything can be got in the beef line. The beef was about as fine as any I have ever seen at home, or anywhere else close by. I came to the fish market, but that was trifling, comparing it with the fish market in Philadelphia. The fish exposed for sale are about half a foot long, and resembles our fall fish. They sell for $ 1.00 per pound.