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It is intersected with splendid and well laid-out walks, well-shaded with fine large trees and flowers; a beautiful fountain surrounded with ornaments, jets d'lau. In fact, it is one of the greatest places for recreation in the city.

If you want to see what kind of people the city of Mexico is composed of, all you have to do is to come to Alameda Park, here is where you can see the senors, senoritas, ladrones, blanket-leperos and canaille, gentlemen, ladies, pickpockets, thieves, beggars and rascals, the thieves and beggars are very numerous here.

As I said in the beginning of my letter, that it is rumored we will soon march for Queretaro City; so before this letter reaches you, the fight, (if there will be any), will be over, and if it should this time be my lot to fall, I hope it will be at the red-mouthed cannon, with feet to the foe, back to the earth, and face toward the canopy of heaven. Some may call this brave talk, but I just feel as I write; I don't want to come home and have the finger of scorn pointed at me as a coward, nor do I wish to come as a cripple. Oh, no; I would rather be dead than to have my body mangled and shattered like I have seen some poor soldiers; some with both arms off, others with both legs off, and otherwise badly wounded; rather kill me outright, at once, on the battle-field, than have the suffering hereafter. But I hope I will escape both. No more.

But ever remain your son,


P. S.—Before sealing your letter, it is reported that Col. F. M. Wynkoop, with a detachment of dragoons and Texan rangers, left the city of Mexico, in pursuit of Gen. Santa Anna. Poor Santa Anna, it seems hard that these infernal Yankees cannot leave him alone, or let him have a moment's peace, in his own dear native land.

It is also rumored that he, (Gen. Santa Anna), is now trying to make his escape by going to some point or sea landing. If this is true. Gen. Santa Anna will not command the army again. J. J. O.