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regiment and the howitzer battery, all under the command of Lieut.-Col. Colwell, of the Voltiguers. This train takes a number of discharged soldiers down, on their way home. AIso a large mail accompanies this train, which I hope will arrive safe at their respective stations. The American Circus Co., of Messrs. Kelly & Hamlin, formerly Binsley's, so well and favorably known to the American army, leaves with this train for Vera Cruz. They have been traveling with our army for a long time. It is their intention to proceed to South America, and of course their departure will be regretted by all of our soldiers.

At noon I returned to our quarters. In the evening I noticed a party going down the road to watch for a loaded mula, but none came along, so they had to come back without any prize. While in the city I learned that Lieut.-Col. D. H. Miles, with thirteen hundred men, was attacked at Santa Fe, on this side of Vera Cruz. One of Col. Miles' dragoon companies was all cut up and three packed mules driven away or captured, and it was expected that the guerillas would make another attack upon him at Cerro Gordo. Col. Hughes, at Jalapa City, is ordered by Gen. Marshall to co-operate with Miles at Cerro Gordo. This is the worst defeat we have had yet.

Sunday, January 16, 1848.—This morning several members of our company went out and plundered a few deserted ranches, and brought to quarters tables, chairs and all kinds of household and kitchen furniture. However, it was not long before the Officer of the Guard went around to all the companies' quarters, and those comrades who were caught with any of the stolen articles, the officer had them put right into the guard-house. So it was a poor speculation after all. Our fellows succeeded in hiding their plunder in a little room and locked it up, so they escaped from going into the guard-house.

In the evening there is a rumor, and I hope it may be true, that we will get paid off to-morrow or next day. It is rumored to-night that Gen. Santa Anna is lurking around a small town called Tehuacan, near Puebla City.