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the year round the gardens bring forth brilliant blossoms. All historians who speak of the Mexicans, speak of their love of flowers as one of their principal characteristics. Nor has this trait diminished in the present generation from the days before the robber and cruel conquerer Cortez. All through these merciless times, when the Mexicans bore the heavy yoke under their violent masters, the Spaniards remained faithful to their love of flowers.

After walking around among the regulars who are encamped here, we left for San Angel, satisfied at having seen one of the ancient towns of Mexico.

I am informed this evening, that Gen. Scott presented to the First and Second Regiments Pennsylvania Volunteers, two silk State flags. To the First, for their' brilliant and heroic conduct during the long siege of Puebla City. To the Second, for gallant achievement at the gates of the city of Mexico. They were made by the ladies in the city; the eagles are worked in needle-work. They are splendid flags and cost seven hundred and fifty dollars a piece.

Thursday, January 20, 1848.—This morning an express came in from the coming train from Vera Cruz, stating that the train would be here in a few days; also that the express rider was chased and fired upon several times by the guerillas.

This evening, on dress-parade, orders were read for the commanding officer of each company, not to let their soldiers go to the city, which caused laughter.

Friday, January 21, 1848.—This morning as usual, and in spite of the strict orders issued last evening, nearly one-half of our regiment went to the city. In fact the business is so brisk that a company has started a new line of coaches, and instead of having mules attached to the stage, they have four splendid and spirited American and Mexican horses, with American drivers. They were well loaded with Uncle Sam's living freight, started off in American style, full gallop, and kept at it as far as I could see.