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here, for we were all-anxious to be with our regiment and would like to go along with it to Vera Cruz. Corp. Malone goes with them, on his way home.

Tuesday, March 7, 1848.—This morning our company moved our quarters to the rooms that the other companies had left; so the forenoon was spent in fixing our beds or bunks.

To-day one of our prisoners made his escape from the guard-house, but was again caught this evening.

Wednesday, March 8, 1848,—This morning the whole volunteer brigade were ordered out to the field back of the convent, to be reviewed by Gen. Worth. The affair was splendid, and Gen. Worth spoke very highly of the appearance and drilling of the men. After the review Gen. Worth with his staff rode with Col. Wynkoop to his quarters and there took dinner.

This evening I had a severe attack of the diarrhœa for the first time.

Thursday, March 9, 1848.—This morning I went to our Dr. Bunting for some good pure brandy for the diarrhœa, which I think will do me good. This afternoon is the first anniversary of the landing of the American army under Major-Gen. Winfield Scott below Vera Cruz. This event was one of the most brilliant and important of the many memorable actions which distinguished our gallant little army in this unparalleled campaign, with a force of twelve thousand troops, which the old world would have deemed inadequate to so vast an undertaking. Yes, to-day one year ago Gen. Scott, then our commander, disembarked, and sat down before a city surrounded and enclosed by formidable walls twenty-five feet high, and defended by one of the strongest castles in the world, as well as by a series of forts and batteries around the whole city, which seemed to defy the assaults of any army that might have been brought against them. But these strong defences yielded up in twenty days to the skill and courage of the United States army; and when the news of its fall was spread abroad, the nation celebrated the triumph with such demonstrations as