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This evening was spent in tall performances. Corp. Ahl, acting as on a skirmish; John G. Craig, dreams of sweet home; the house was crowded to excess.

Monday, March 13, 1848.—This morning still no news from the missing Gen. Towson and Col. Jackson. It will be remembered that Gen. Towson is one of the Judges or Commissioners to try Gen. Scott, and this keeps Gen. Scott so long here with us.

Tuesday, March 14, 1848.—This morning is cold, and the mountains around here are all covered with a fresh coat of snow. At noon another mail came to our quarters. I received several letters. This afternoon one of Co. B shot an armadillo at Contreras. This is an odd-looking animal, and something of the kind I have never seen.

Wednesday, March 15, 1848.—This morning it is still cold and windy, more so than common.

In the afternoon there was another quarrel sprung up between some of our regiment and the New Yorkers over at the polque tub haciendas, which resulted in a regular fight, and before it was quelled there was a great many bloody noses and black eyes.

Thursday, March 16, 1848.—This morning the sun again made its appearance and the day turned out remarkably fine and warm. Some of our soldiers expected to get paid off today but were disappointed. It is reported this evening that we will be paid off to-morrow; so this put the boys in high spirits again.

Friday, March 17, 1848.—This morning the glorious news came from Lieut. Haines' quarters for us to come to his ofifice and sign the pay-roll, each private soldier receiving fourteen dollars,—two months' pay. So now the men have money again and in the evening they called a meeting to take into consideration the getting up of a supper. Lieut. Joseph M. Hall, of Co. C, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, was called to the chair and afterwards made President, and Sergt. Peter Ahl, Vice-President, and privates Corson, Welsh, Watson