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and others were appointed to make the necessary arrangements for the supper and ball.

Saturday, March 18, 1848.—This morning the committee of arrangements went to the city of Mexico for the purpose of purchasing liquors, turkeys, chickens and vegetables for the grand supper, also engaged twenty senoritas and coaches to bring them from the city. Mr. John R. Schultz, of Co. C, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, was appointed chief cook, bottle and dishwasher.

Sunday, March 19, 1848.—This morning, Theodore Watson, one of the committee, arrived from the city, stating that he had everything in the city ready to send out the moment it is wanted.

To-day's papers are full about peace, but I place no confidence in the report.

Monday, March 20, 1848.—This morning everything is in readiness for the grand supper, which comes off to-night. In the evening, at 8 o'clock, the parties sat down to the table, including twenty as beautiful senoritas as the sun ever shone upon or graced the floor of a ball-room, and they, as well ourselves, did ample justice to the good things on the table. After supper was over the cloth was removed; then songs, stories, toasts and speeches enlivened the board and kept up a continuous roar of laughter, after which we adjourned to the large ball-room, which was magnificently decorated. It was built expressly for an occasion of this kind, and lighted up by three splendid chandeliers. The band belonging to the Second Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, composed of sixteen brass instruments—which sent forth their sweet music—together with the graceful motions of those dancing, made it appear a perfect paradise.

Tuesday, March 21, 1848.—This morning some of our fellows who danced so much last night could hardly get up on account of soreness and stiffness.

In the afternoon friend Welsh and myself went to Orchard Grove, and remained there until evening, Mr. Welsh playing the accordeon to pass the time.