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This afternoon there was considerable excitement at San Angel and the city of Mexico by the rumors that Col. Wynkoop and his party had a big fight with a large force of lancers and guerillas on the road between the city of Mexico and Pachuca, and reports have it that Col. Wynkoop was dangerously wounded, but these are all rumors, and I believe very little of it.

In the evening there was a private express came from Vera Cruz. It did not stop at the city, but went on to Queretaro City. So none of us knew its contents, but it is believed to be the treaty signed from Washington.

Thursday, March 30, 1848.—This morning the city papers have it that a small mail arrived from Vera Cruz. The news to-day is that our Government has ratified the peace proposition of the Mexicans, with a slight amendment, and is now ready for the Mexican Government to act upon it. I hope it is true.

Friday March 31, 1848.—This morning the mail came out from the city to our quarters. I received one letter, stating that there is considerable excitement in the States about the superseding of Gen. Scott, after he had conquered the Mexicans.

This afternoon several of us started, with our blankets, for the polque grove, to write letters. I wrote one to my friend, John Robinson, giving a description of the great bull-fights last Sunday, as follows:—

San Angel, Mexico
March 16, 1848.

John Robinson, Esq.

Dear Friend:—I feel extremely happy to state that I received your letter a few days ago, stating that you and all inquiring friends were well. You also stated in your letter that you have often read and heard of the bull-fights in Mexico, and that I should give you a small account of these ancient sports of Mexico, which I will now answer the best I can.