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Saturday, January 30, 1847.—This morning, after breakfast, we were mustered on deck for the first time since we were on board this ship, and had orders read to us from Gen. Scott. The orders were that we should immediately proceed on our way to the Island of Lobos, some sixty miles south of Tampico, there to await until further orders from his generalship. This looks like business.

To-day is very calm, not a breath of air stirring. In the evening we still find ourselves at anchor on account of our doctor and commissary being at Brazos, Santiago. We are nearly all wishing that they would either return or stay away altogether, as we have plenty of ham.

To-night in the absence of our commissary, some of the stolen hams were distributed among the soldiers, that are favorites.

Sunday, January 31, 1847.—This morning the captain of our ship lowered a life-boat for the purpose of going after our two officers now on shore. When about half-way over they were met by a United States Government steamboat coming toward our ship with the fresh beef promised us the other day, saying that they thought that was what was keeping us here waiting for the beef.

The captain of our ship returned with the Government, steamboat and brought the promised beef on board of our ship, and it was the hardest looking beef I ever saw, it was nothing but skin and bones, and not as much fat on it as would make a penny candle. It was as black as the ace of spades. We said to ourselves we prefer the commissary ham.

To-night our two officers are still absent, and keeping us here.

Monday, February 1, 1847.—This morning we are still at anchor, awaiting those two bummers of ours. At noon, to our great delight, the two missing officers came on board. They both looked as if they got different kind of rations while they lived on shore. We are now weighing the anchor, after which we set sail for the Island of Lobos. The wind being