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H, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, for Lieutenant. Sergts. Bowers and Porter were the candidates, and after a sharp contest it resulted in the choice of Sergt. Porter. So in consequence of the treaty of peace, and of the election in the two companies, there was a little spree amongst the successful candidates and their friends, but there was no disturbance of any account, and everybody is in high glee. To-night peace, peace, is the cry.

Saturday, May 27, 1848.—This morning the soldiers are much rejoiced over the peace and the early prospect of going home. There are officers in the city of Mexico trying to raise companies to go to Yucatan.

This evening it is reported that our glorious and triumphant flag is to be hauled down to-morrow, and the Mexican flag, defeated in every battle fought, hoisted in its place.

To-day several of our companies dug up their dead comrades, intending to take them home. Among the dead I noticed was Mr. Peter McKeever, Co. D, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, who died some time ago.

Late this evening nearly all the companies had a regular fandango (dance), and collected the bands of the different regiments and started out serenading the different good officers, and some few prominent Mexicans, and kept it up until midnight—cheering, singing songs, telling stories and other joyful actions. Peace—peace has come! God bless it!

Sunday, May 28, 1848.—This morning orders came to our quarters to collect all the extra arms, muskets, etc., and send them to the city; from there they will be sent to Vera Cruz. Every soldier is now getting in readiness to march at a moment's notice. They are gathered in groups, singing our national songs, and cite, "We Are Coming Home." This evening the news from Queretaro City is, that our commissioners have reached that city, and are about to exchange treaties. When that is accomplished then the whole city is to be illuminated with candles and rockets.