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In front of this temple and palace was a plaza 1200 feet square, surrounded by handsome residence of the priest, arsenal, storehouse, etc.

King Acampichtli reigned 37 years, when he died in 1390.

Huitzilihutli was the name of the second king elected. He reigned but 12 years; died in 1402.

Chimalpoqua (which, in the Indian language, means a gun which makes or gives smoke) was elected the third king with much dissatisfaction, against the will of the old native tribe called Tepejancan, or Tlacopans; and after he reigned 10 years, the people got so much displeased with his arbitrary way of ruling that they broke into his palace one night and murdered him in his chamber. This caused great excitement and much bitter feeling amongst the other heads of the nations or tribes. The Aztec, who became much demoralized and revolutionized, were a rude and cruel people, essentially warlike; their priests, bearing idols on their backs, marching in front and giving the signal for battle, calling themselves children of the sun. They were at war for several years, and were without a proper head to guide them, until Prince Mexi assumed command of a brave and powerful people; conquered the revolutionists, and bestowed peace and tranquility in the city Tenustitan.

The overthrow and downfall of the revolutionist was such a popular idea that the victorious tribes refused to elect any ruler over their tribes during the lifetime of Prince Mexi. They governed themselves by the act of their Councils until Prince Mexi's death, which was in 1423. Mexi not being of royal blood, was not, according to their rule, eligible to the throne; and to forever perpetuate his fair name, they changed the name of their country from Tenustitan to Mexico, in honor of Prince Mexi.

The revolutionist party, which was mostly composed of the Tepejancan and some few dissatisfied Tenustitans, soon left the city of Mexico and joined the Tlascallians, which afterwards became a powerful and much feared people by the Mexicans, After Prince Mexi's death, Ytzcoalt, or Iccoult, was chosen the