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The ladies of Pittsburgh were very enthusiastic when we marched through their streets, but never so much as said "poor soldier, here is a cake or a cracker." We find the ladies of the country towns are more liberal and more real friends to the soldiers. Good-night, ladies and gentlemen of Pittsburgh; your generous hospitality and many kindnesses will ever be remembered by the soldiers of the Mexican War.

Sunday, July 16, 1848.—This morning Gen. Robert Patterson and the other long-looked-for companies arrived in Pittsburgh. They report that four of their soldiers died on the way with diarrhœa. There is a good deal of grumbling amongst the soldiers on account of the treatment we received from the citizens. Those who have a little money left went to hotels and boarding-houses to take board.

At 10 o'clock Capt. Small and our whole company attended church, which was crowded to overflowing.

In the evening several of our officers held a meeting to decide whether to go to Philadelphia to be disbanded, or here in Pittsburgh.

Monday, July 17, 1848.—This morning the officers decided to go to Philadelphia, there to be disbanded. This caused a good deal of dissatisfaction amongst some of our western companies, who wanted to be discharged here, and go home on their own hook.

This afternoon we received orders to be on the packet boat at 6 o'clock this evening; so we embarked and left the smoky city with no regret, or even a cheer. We passed several small towns and received small honors, but our fellows received them coolly, on account of being much dispirited at having nothing but government rations to eat. Gen. Patterson is on our packet. We have good accommodation on this boat.

Tuesday, July 18, 1848.—This morning we passed through Leechburg, where I had the honor of again seeing old David Leech, the founder of the Pioneer and Leech & Co. lines of packets and freight lines. He is a stout, robust man, and has the appearance of a great business man. Passed several other