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Tuesday, July 25, 1848.—This morning I did not get up until late, on account of our toilsome march in the hot sun of yesterday. After dinner several of us paid a visit to Chestnut street. Here we found the street densely crowded with people, and almost every soldier had a crowd around him, inquiring of the real facts concerning the Mexican war. Also inquiring of some relatives or son who fell or died in Mexico.

In the evening our company received an invitation to go to the Chestnut Street Theatre. So at 8 o'clock we started, and as we entered we were warmly received by the audience by a cheering and clapping of hands. After it was nearly over we left for our quarters, Third Street Hall.

Wednesday, July 26, 1848.—This morning I paid a visit to my uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George Stiefel, who carry on a bakery at the corner of Schuylkill Second and Carlton streets (now Twenty-first and Carlton streets), but did not get to see him, on account of being out on business; but his wife, a tall, fine and pleasant woman, urged me to stay and take dinner with them, but I declined the kind offer and left, promising that I would call again to-morrow.

In the evening a party of young men invited us to go down Chestnut Street, which we accepted, and they showed and treated us with all the kindness that was in their power to bestow upon us.

Thursday, July 27, 1848.—This morning I again paid a visit to my uncle and aunt (Mr. and Mrs. Stiefel, who fortunately this time I found at home). To my knowledge, I never saw my uncle before. He having always lived in Philadelphia, and our folks lived in the western part of Pennsylvania; although, while boating, I often came to Philadelphia, making inquiries of where he lived, but could never find anyone to tell me where they lived, until by good luck while in Mexico a comrade, named Mr. Frey, who, by-the-by, was also a baker, told me where he lived. He took a hearty laugh at the idea that I had to go all the way to Mexico to find out where he lived. He was pleased in seeing me, and