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In 1850 the Scott Legion was formed, of which I call myself an ardent member, and take an active and deep interest in all its proceedings.

It is composed of all the regulars and volunteers who have served on the soil of Mexico in the war against Mexico, and received an honorable discharge. It was first called the Pennsylvania Legion, but was soon changed to Scott Legion, in honor of our gallant old Commander, Gen. Winfield Scott, who was a life member. This change of title was done so as to take in both regulars and volunteers. This association was formed and instituted for social purposes, to keep fresh the memories of the brilliant achievements, and to celebrate some of the victories won in Mexico.

In 1852, through the aid of Pennsylvania and the citizens of Philadelphia, we secured a burial ground, built a large vault and erected a fine monument in Glenwood Cemetery, costing over $4,000, under which the remains of many gallant heroes are deposited.

At the death of a comrade the Scott Legion turns out with a band of music and a firing party, and pays the last fitting honors at the funerals of their deceased soldiers, who have fought life's battle to the end.

Our regular meetings are the first Saturday of every month, unless special business calls it between. The Legion before the late rebellion generally attracted popular attention on occasions of parade, when they always presented a gentlemanly and soldierly appearance, and at the outbreak of the Civil War they, including your humble servant, nearly all enlisted in the services of their country's flag; and, being veteran soldiers of a victorious campaign, they found ready situations at the hands of our government; and many, some of our best men, too, fell while gallantly protecting our flag they so proudly carried from Rio Granda to Buena Vista, from Vera Cruz to the capital of Mexico and back to the United States.

April 18, 1872, the Scott Legion gave a grand banquet in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the famous battle of