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their having the small-pox, and were ordered not to join their regiment until they were fully restored to health, this news caused a little grumbling among those who were not sick with that disease.

Ten o'clock to-night I heard that several of our sentinels were asleep on their post when the guard went around to release them; they were ordered to be put under guard to await a court-martial.

Sunday, February 28, 1847.—This morning we were ordered on deck, and orders were read from Gen. Scott stating that the Second Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama Regiments were lo leave instantly for Tampico to form part of the garrison of that place so as to relieve some of the regulars. They weighed anchor and set sail, and are now nearly out of sight.

In the evening all the carpenters and laborers on the island were ordered to get on ships.

Monday, March 1, 1847.—This morning the steamship "Eudora" arrived from New Orleans and Brazos Santiago, bringing important dispatches from our Government to Gen. Winfield Scott. By this arrival the soldiers all expected letters from home, but were sadly disappointed, there being no mail, and brought but enough money to pay off our commissioned officers, but nothing was said in regard to paying the privates. Oh, no; they will have to serve a little longer. This evening some of our soldiers held a meeting and made patriotic speeches, after which they adopted strong resolutions requesting our Government to either send us on to the seat of war or send us back from whence we came, as we were getting tired of this tomfoolery.

Tuesday, March 2, 1847.—This morning some of our soldiers traded away a barrel of Uncle Sam's fat pork and a box of candles for some ham and butter of a trading schooner. At 10 o'clock, a.m., we were formed on deck and inspected by Col. Wynkoop, after which he addressed us in a good little speech, saying that the next time he will meet us would be on the enemy's soil, where he will cheerfully meet and lead his