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Two track work at a slow trot.—All two track exercises should be repeated at a slow trot. Such work, with the haunches set diagonally, develops rapid progress in young horses. [1]

  1. After the young horses have been sufficiently trained to execute two track movements for several steps and the instructor desires to have such movements discontinued simultaneously, he commands: "As you were." In order to study the progress and faults of the individual horse and rider the instructor causes members of the squad to execute in succession a given movement by the use of the preliminary command: First trooper. Thus, with the squad marching on the diagonal of the hall the instructor commands: (1) First trooper; (2) Haunches right, in time to add (3) March, when the leading trooper is at about 6 yards from the track. Each trooper in succession executes the movement on the same ground and the instructor places himself where he can closely observe details.