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(2) Raising the head by the use of the snaffle. The trooper stands in front of the horse, facing him, and takes in each hand one of the snaffle reins, grasping it near the ring; the wrists are gradually raised until the horse's head and neck reach the desired elevation. The horse must stand still and must not back; if he starts to move to the rear, the whip is used to move him to the front again.


In hand.—The horse is in hand after he has completed and fully understands the bending lessons and when he yields willingly to the effects of the bit.

Lightness.—Lightness has been defined in answer to Question VI. It is the correct balance of the horse that obeys promptly and easily all impulses given him by his rider.

The set (Le placer) is the operation that places the center of gravity in the position required for the execution of any desired movement.—St. Phalle.

The gather (Le ramener).—To gather is nothing more or less than to set the forehand. When the horse carries his head and neck well up, the face approaching the vertical and the jaw flexible he is said to be in the position of the gather (or is gathered).

The assemble (Le rassembler) .—The assemble consists of the gather perfected by bringing the hind legs under. The set of the forehand is combined with the set of the hind quarters.[1]

  1. The horse can be gathered at a halt although he should be taught the correct carriage of the head and neck at a walk, in which case there will be no chance of backing. On the other hand, the assemble, the highest form of collection, can be obtained only when the horse is in motion; the horse is assembled in the half halt to be sure, but this position can be held only for a moment before the horse moves again. St. Phalle says: "The set, as will be seen, is inseparable from the in hand and the assemble." For instance, in the half halt the horse is assembled; he is also in hand, ready for any indication of the bit and he is set for movement in any direction.-The Board.