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Question I (p. 11):

History of equitation.
Middle ages.
Italian schools.
French schools of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries.
Military schools.
Period from. 1789 to 1815.
Contemporary equitation.
Name the most noted riding masters in these different schools.

Question II (p. 19 ):

Definition and object of horse training.
Circumstances affecting duration of training. Condition of the horse, age, breeding; experience and skill of the horseman. Object to be attained.
Three periods of training.

Question III (p. 22 ):

Preliminary work. Exercise by leading.
Care of young horses. Special recommendations.
Work on the longe; method of giving longe lessons to young horses; its object.

Question IV (p. 25 ):

Precautions in saddling horses.
Mounting lesson. How should it be given and when? Instructions for men holding the horses.
Precautions with restless horses.

Question V (p. 27 ):

How should the squad be arranged in the first lesson? In what case should a leader be used?
Necessity for the trot at the beginning of a lesson and the advantages of this gait in early training.
Resistance of young horses. Means of overcoming.